Sella Nevea: powder paradise of the week!


Sella Nevea is the powder paradise of the week. And no, it's not part of the resorts that can be found on wePowder. It's one of the many resorts in the Alps that I still keep as a secret, but it's time to share it with all of you. Especially since TGR shot some amazing footage in Sella Nevea!

So much snow

Sella Nevea will get plenty of snow thanks to an Adria-low that settled above the Adriatic Sea. From Sella Nevea it's only around 100 kilometers as the crow flies to the beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the resorts deals due to the eastern location with a continental climate that provides the necessary cold air. This special micro climate where moisture and cold air collide results in spectacular snow statistics. You can often find plenty of snow in Sella Nevea, even when other resorts in the Alps don't have that much snow.

Great terrain

But there is something special about the snow in Sella Nevea. The proximity to the ocean and the abundant snowfall guarantees that the snow even sticks to the steep faces behind the highest cable car. And the terrain is pretty special as well. A combination of steep faces, beautiful tree runs, pillows and more easy terrain can't be compared with any other resort in the eastern Alps.

Getting there

It's quite a long drive to Sella Nevea, but remember it's all relative. Just leave an hour (or a couple of hours earlier) and you'll be rewarded with great now and great terrain.

Sella Nevea will get another 50 cm of freshies the next couple of days. It will snow heavily till Wednesday. The sun will come out on Thursday.

And yes, the do avalanche control (check out the nice terrain)!


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