Great conditions in Canada and large parts of the USA


It is cold, sunny and dry in the Alps. It's hard to find any powder below 2000 meters and forget about the treeruns for a while. Nope, for great powder and awesome treeruns you'll have to travel to Canada and the resorts in the northwest of the USA the next couple of weeks. Check out the video above, shot a couple of days ago in Revelstoke, BC.

The snow cover got thicker and thicker the last couple of weeks. There's a snow cover between 1 to 1.5 meters between the trees and that's even more above the treeline. The conditions are awesome at the moment!

The snow cover in North America

More snow in the forecast

There's more snow in the forecast by the end of this week and the most snow will come down in the northwest again. It remains cold and you can expect lots of snow. And there's even more snow coming up next week.

Snowfall the next 6 days

Going to Canada?

I visited Canada for the first time in 2003 and have been back every season. Simply because the vibe is great, nature is stunning and the people are awesome. After all these years I found out that you don't only go to Canada for the resorts. They're great fun, but pretty much everything is tracked by 11 AM. Check out this footage from CMH, the leading heli ski company in Canada. That's powder, guaranteed!


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