PA#16: Powder during Easter!


Here we go. The current will turn to the northwest later this week and cold air will head to the Alps. There's a classic northern Stau on the maps and with classis I almost mean prehistoric. How many Staus from the north did we actually have this winter... Anyway, there's a good base above 2000 meters and with the snow line that will drop this weekend King Winter is showing its face one more time. Just like in winter 15/16 we can expect some significant snowfall in April. Easter is pretty late this season, but fortunately there are still quite a lot of resorts who have their lifts running. In this forecast:

  • Good conditions above the treeline
  • Current turns to the northwest
  • PA#16: Powder during Easter!

Good conditions above the treeline

March was ridiculously warm, but there's still plenty of snow above 2000 meters on north facing slopes. It's snowing lightly today and you can expect 5-15 cm of fresh snow above 2500 meters. That's nice, but it's not much, so don't bother. We have to wait for the weekend that's ahead of us.

Snow cover at 2000 meters altitude

Current turns to the northwest

The jet stream will turn to the northwest this weekend and cold polar air is moving to the Alps. There's a lot of moisture present in this cold and unstable layer of air that's forced to snow empty on the north side of the main alpine ridge.

Current turns to the northwest

PA#16: Powder during Easter!

Cold air, plenty of moisture and Easter. A combination that has guaranteed a PowderAlert the last couple of years. There's plenty of snow to be found above 2000 meters and it looks like that next week will be a good one. Unfortunately, a lot of resorts will close after Easter Monday, but there will be still a lot of resorts open where you can find good snow. And it won't be busy in the resorts next week, simply because 99% of the people are pretty much done with winter.

Right now, I expect most of the snow to come down on the north side of the Alps, but the French northern Alps will get less fresh snow. But there's a chance that the high pressure area will settle itself a bit to the west. Until that time, my bet would be the resorts at high altitude in Austria and Switzerland. More details the next couple of days! If you have any questions, let me know!

Stay stoked. Morris

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Snowfall next 6 days

  • 1
    Zugspitz Arena
    15 cm
  • 2
    15 cm
  • 3
    13 cm
  • 4
    10 cm
  • 5
    Alpe d'Huez - Grandes Rousses
    9 cm
  • 6
    9 cm
  • 7
    Engelberg - Titlis
    9 cm
  • 8
    9 cm
  • 9
    Jungfrau Region
    9 cm
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