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SOS: 144

Two Lift Wonder at the Simplon pass

by Arjen de Graaf

Rothwald is situated at the de Simplon pass on an altitude of 1750 meters. Time stood still here, not only in the village, but also in the ski area. There are two drag lifts. The first one takes you to the center of the area. From here you have a vertical drop of 450 meters for wonderfull  forest skiing.

The second drag lift brings you even  to a  higher altitude. From here you find great opportunities for tour skiing. Mäderlicka, Hohturo, Bortelhorn and Wasulicka are famous summits and the views on the surroundings are outstanding. Ask the ski patrol for possibilities. They are willing to help you. A true diamond !

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Nice to know

Airport Zürich
Railway station Brig
Minimum elevation 1750 m
Maximum elevation 2300 m

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3901 Rothwald
004127 923 63 5

Avalanche bulletin

Download the avalanche bulletin

SOS: 144

Weather region

Northern Alps West

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No wind
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