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Weather man, snowboarder, surfer and powder addict. Founder of wePowder. After wandering through the Alps for more than 15 years it was about time to share my knowledge with you. During those 15 years I kept a close eye on the weather and even though my background is a study of political science with a specialization in organizational theory, I soon found out that the weather isn't that magical at all and I started to understand it a little bit. We started wePowder in 2008. It's been a ride with many ups, but also with the lowest downs possible. Powder is the ultimate moment of freedom for me. In a world where we tend to point the finger at the government or other institutions when a problem arises, riding powder makes me realize how free, but also how vulnerable we are. Freedom is a great thing that we should cherish. It brings you to places you never thought possible, it brings you new friendships and confronts you with dilemmas, questions and problems that will make you a complete human being. That feeling of freedom is what I want to share with you. Live your dream. Morris

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Forecast Maps BROKEN ridermarangoni 19-05 10:00 1
These resorts are still open! meteomorris 08-05 14:34 0
PA#18: Tuesday and Wednesday are powder days! meteomorris 08-05 14:23 0
PA#17: It's not over yet! Winter is still here! meteomorris 27-04 16:03 2
PA#16: It's winter in the northern Alps! meteomorris 25-04 12:28 4
Which resorts in the Alps are still open? meteomorris 21-04 12:51 2
PA#16: Powder during Easter! meteomorris 13-04 13:54 2
PA#16: Where to go during Easter? meteomorris 13-04 13:43 0
Cold air is knocking on the door. Powder during Easter? meteomorris 10-04 13:47 0
Bluebird, snowfall and low temperatures during the weekend meteomorris 05-04 18:03 6
PA #15: Lots of snowfall, but rising temperatures after the weekend meteomorris 27-03 15:11 1
PA#15: Snow for the southern Alps. And it's topped with cold powder! meteomorris 24-03 14:02 4
Lots of snow for the southern Alps! meteomorris 21-03 23:07 2
Sunshine today, followed by unstable weather. Lots of snow in the southern Alps! meteomorris 20-03 07:30 0
PA#14: snow for the highest peaks, rain in the valleys meteomorris 17-03 23:26 3
Lots of precipitation this weekend meteomorris 15-03 02:01 1
Mild and sunny this week, first wet avalanche cycle meteomorris 13-03 19:11 1
PA#13: up to 1 meter of fresh snow, HIGH avalanche danger meteomorris 10-03 18:35 0
Avalanches took the lives of 53 people in the Alps this winter meteomorris 09-03 22:20 0
PA #13: Lots of fresh snow in the northern Alps. HIGH avalanche danger! meteomorris 09-03 21:15 3