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About Arjen

Freerider, surfer, marketeer and simply enjoying life. Founder of wePowder. I was born with the maps of ski resorts in the crib. Eventually this led to an almost encyclopedic knowledge of skiing in the Alps and North America. I've been working in a ski shop for eight years, spend a winter season working in Australia, was a ski teacher in Austria, participated in lots of ski test and started wePowder in 2008. In the meantime I got my masters at Tilburg University, where I consistently missed the second trimester. I was spending my time in the Alps. Freeriding is the ultimate form of skiing for me. The freedom of fresh powder let you forget everything around you. You can still enjoy the moment. Not the future or the past. The moment. It's the same with surfing with friends on a day with glassy waves. You are alive. wePowder has brought me many things. New friends, you see special places and because you have to make vital decisions you get to know each other from the core. In the mountains you have to stand back. Because the mountain gives, but the mountain often takes even more. So for me there is one important thing: 'powder is fun, but so is tomorrow. " And to finish with the famous words of Guy Weski: Ride your head, then with your heart, but above all with each other! Arjen