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Powder alert Alps

Glacier Alert: snow and wind

But winter is here!

by meteomorris on 20 October 2014

I just grabbed the first sentences of yesterday's forecast. 'Let's start the season with some warnings. This is the first significant dump for the northern Alps. There is no base at all and even on the glaciers the snow is scarce. This is a low pressure area that will pass rapidly, with lots of wind and a high pressure area right after it.' And the wind will kick in. Big time. Check out this link for an animation of the wind (Earthschool is another amazing project to see what's possible with data) or check out this image.Force 11 and higher!

There will be a storm in the Alps. Force 11 and more on the highest peaks. The wind will kick in in the main alpine ridge and south of it between Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. You can expect gusts of wind of 130 km/h and higher. Now that's what we call wind. This is the result of some teamwork between former hurricane Gonzalo and storm depression Noa a and a fast advancing high pressure area from the Azores. The isobaric lines are pushed against each with huge force (because of the teamwork of Gonzalo and Noa on the right and the incoming high pressure area on the left) and the pressure differences will be immense. The result: wind. Mindblowing wind. Add the orographic features of the Alps, Rhone Valley and the Po Valley and you probably can guess the result. Yes, snow, but also....wind.Gonzalo and Noa are ready to rock 'n roll!

Powder alert Alps

PowderAlert for the glaciers

by meteomorris on 19 October 2014

The first northern Stau of winter 14/15

Let's start the season with some warnings. This is the first significant dump for the northern Alps. There is no base at all and even on the glaciers the snow is scarce. This is a low pressure area that will pass rapidly, with lots of wind and a high pressure area right after it. Let's put it in a simple way: this is a dump to get stoked and maybe for some first powder turns on the slopes on one of the glaciers in Austria. Let's proceed with the current situation in the Alps.

Snow surfing in Japan

by meteomorris on 15 October 2014

An arriving swell. Falling snow. Two forces, or one and the same? Two board sports legends, Pipeline master Gerry Lopez and snowsurf pioneer Taro Tamai, have spent a lifetime practicing the art of flow. The Northern Sky digs down to the roots of that shared sensation, as experienced in the mountains above Niskeo, Japan. This Farm League film is the first episode in the #Find_Away series of Patagonia. This is snow surfing!


First slopes groomed in St. Moritz

#winteriscoming... slowly

by meteomorris on 15 October 2014

Winter in the higher alpine

The first signs of snow in the higher alpine (3000 meters and higher) came in yesterday, but more news coming in from the Swiss region of the Engadin, where you can find ski areas like the Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Corviglia (pretty much all around St. Moritz). Especially on the Diavolezza (the mountain in the south of the Engadin), they take matters into their own hands. With more wind and higher temperatures in the forecast, they decided to give the snow a good old groom with the Pistenbully, to be sure that this snow will make it into winter.Pistebully in action


It's winter above 3000 m!

by meteomorris on 14 October 2014

It's not much, but every snowflake is one. The images below are from today and that's more winter we've seen for the last couple of days, weeks and months. It even was an occassion for the SLF to publish an avalanche bulletin

Salomon Freeski TV: Iceland

by meteomorris on 7 October 2014

As the youngest land mass on earth, Iceland is an ever-evolving paradise for skiers. Littered with volcanoes, the ski lines here plunge straight to the ocean's edge. Andreas Fransson, Chris Rubens, and Mark Abma visit Arctic Heli Sking on the Troll Peninsula.

The Character - Sculpted in Time

by Arjen on 6 October 2014

The Character enables the viewer to examine how your surroundings can shape character. Talented local skier Eric ‘Hoji' Hjorleifson guides us through the dramatic landscapes of Lake Louise, and recounts how scenery and environment shape your life and character. Throughout The Character, the Lake Louise Ski Resort is depicted through a splendid mix of vintage footage and amazing high-definition action. Create your legacy.

Taking risks

Is it worth it or not?

by ThijsKennis on 5 October 2014

A couple of days ago the whole freeride community got shocked by the sudden death of two of the biggest icons in the sport. Both of them got caught in an avalanche in Chili and unfortunately help came too late.

Thoughts on powdergiggles

a small ode

by EmileHendrix on 3 October 2014

Emotions are the spice of life. Sweet samples often make us forget ones that were a bit to bitter before. They often pass unnoticed. Until we taste a strong one and start wondering for a moment. What do I feel? Can I have more of this, or less if so desired? After a while, these emotions seem to loose strength, and their taste diminishes.

Inspiration from Andreas and JP

by Arjen on 2 October 2014

Sometimes you wake up and you hope that everything has been a bad dream. It hits you even harder when it appears that things are truely irreversible. Nothing to change anymore. What remains is emptiness. Elusive void by that must be dealt with by family and friends.

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