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Review: Black Diamond Factor MX

by dr.Gear on 24 November 2014

Black Diamond Factor MX

Ski boots are just about the two most important elements of your equipment. And Dr. Gear knows best, because he has already worn out quite a number of boots. While some riders have a quiver of skis and they can ride a different ski every day of the week, it's different with ski boots. If it fits and functioning properly, then there's no reason to change. Anyway, even Dr. Gear keeps his eyes and ears open, of course, and watch what is happening in the market. Dr. Gear might be old, but certainly not stuck.

The Powder Pilgrimage

by Arjen on 24 November 2014

On January 1, 2014 Joey Howell departed Salt Lake City with his friend and touring partner, James. They had saved up money, winterized the camper, and packed their gear. The next half a year took them across the northwest, through British Columbia and up to Alaska. The Powder Pilgrimage was the trip of a lifetime, but it will not be their only one.

Pragelato becomes freeride area!

by Arjen on 21 November 2014

Pragelato, the area at the edge of the Via Lattea in Italy, becomes a freeride area. At least, the area calls itself not a ski area anymore, but a mountain (Natural Terrain) where you can do all sorts of activities and freeriding is called very explicitly. The area is accessible by two lifts.

The Shadow Campaign

by Arjen on 20 November 2014

Midway through a dry season, with scraggly trees, icy slopes, and hardly any base, Mount Baker suddenly finds itself consumed by the chaos of the year' biggest storm-- unleashing several feet of snow every night for ten straight days. Plows work around the clock to keep order, but still the ditches fill with battered cars fallen victim to the heavy drifts.

Live from the French Southern Alps

by meteomorris on 20 November 2014

Mountain guides Martijn Schell and Francois Lomboard of Powderguides were skiing in the French Southern Alps yesterday. With lifts still closed they had to skin up to earn their turns. It's a dirty job, but someboday has to do it! 

Powder alert Alps

PA #1: which ski areas are open?

And there's powder!

by meteomorris on 20 November 2014


The higher alpine (and in some places the mid-mountain as well) in large regions of the Alps has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Time for the first powder turns of the season! Especially since the weather is quite okay and the powder is freshies. The sun will shine this weekend and a lot of areas open their lifts for the first time. Check out the list of areas below that will open this weekend. Please note: in most cases it doesn't mean that all the lifts will be running.

What if winter doesn't start?

by meteomorris on 18 November 2014

Once in a while you have a kind of winter that's more like autumn. Or spring. Or winters that do not get started, like last season in the northern Alps. What do you do? You have to be flexible and start chasing storms. Or do you hope? Hope that winter will come someday in your home resort. Because ultimately, that winter will come for sure. The big question is whether you're still around.

Powder alert Alps

PowderAlert #1: Wax up!

Good base in large parts of the southern Alps

by meteomorris on 17 November 2014

Endless powder above the clouds...

After two weeks of intense snowfall in the Southern Alps and parts of Switzerland, there is finally a period of good weather coming. Meanwhile, more and more areas opened their lifts and temperatures remain on the cool side. Wax up! No more riding pow for only half a day and than conclude that the temperatures is too high, there are new clouds coming in, or that you have to wait too long for the lift because it's the only one open. You can really start riding powder, starting tomorrow!

Powder alert Alps

PA #1: 496 cm of freshies

So close to 5 meters....

by meteomorris on 13 November 2014

On November 3, the big question was: will the triple bang bring 5 meter of snow? Now 10 days later we are at 496 centimeters of freshies. Please note, that's in 10 days time. But the snow line could be found at high altitude (as expected regular high), so most of the precipitation came down as snow in the higher alpine. We can find a closed snow cover in large parts of the main alpine ridge and in the southern Alps above 2000 meters. That closed snow cover is around 1 to 2,5 meters thick. At higher altitudes in places like the Mont Viso, the Gotthard, the Monte Rosa and the northern alpine ridge you can already find a base of 400 centimeters. Is that a great start of the season for the higher alpine or what?Snow depth Switzerland

Snowfall Gotthard the last couple of days

Powder alert Alps

PA #1: Up to 354 cm of freshies

High avalanche danger

by meteomorris on 11 November 2014

When we announced last week that there would be 2 to 4 and locally even up to 5 meters of snow coming down in the higher alpine, some people thought we were crazy. Meanwhile, the snow cover around the Simplon and Gotthard region is more than 300 centimeters. 300 centimeters that fell above 2000 meters and settled to about 130-180 centimeters because of temperature, wind, humidity in the air and the mass of the snow itself. A nice base for the resorts in the region, but also an acute risk of spontaneous avalanches. The avalanche danger that's in effect at the moment is high (4 on a scale of 5). And there's more snow to come.High avalanche danger

And another 107 cm of freshies extra 

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