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WARNING! Very unstable snowcover!

Dangerous situations

by meteomorris on 22 December 2014

Dangerous situations in the Alps 

You have to be very careful when riding in the Alps, just like last year at this time. The snow cover is really unstable and after traveling the Alps last week I can only confirm this. The Alps will face a hard period, where the snow cover already is very unstable and life threatening at the moment and this could be even worse the coming weeks. For those of you who have no idea what kind of consequences such a snow cover can have, hereby a little reminder. Last year we had to deal with 11 deaths caused by avalanches in less than two weeks time because of the unstable snow cover. Let's hope history won't repeat itself.


Snow for the northern Alps?

by meteomorris on 22 December 2014

Today's weather maps clearly show that change is coming in the weather pattern. The Azores high pressure area that locked down the weather in Europe for a long time, has given way to a low pressure area. The map of this afternoon clearly shows this. And everything indicates that this high pressure area is about to move. This gives the jet stream plenty of space to meander from the north to the south. A scenario which usually accommodate fronts to travel towards the Alps.The maps from this afternoon. The Azores high pressure area has moved. 

Is the Christmas week for the Alps saved?
At the moment, the former Azores high pressure area is pushed towards and it ensures blue skies, high temperatures and a strong wind from west to northwest for the Alps. A freezing level of 3000 meter or higher can be expected, especially on the north and west side of the Alps. But there are also opportunities for the south side of the Alps.


Review: Peak Performance Heli Pro

by dr.Gear on 22 December 2014

It was the beginning of February and Dr. Gear was visiting the ISPO in Münich, the trade show where every wintersports brand is showcasing their new products. Dr. Gear is always looking for truly innovative products on the ISPO and when a was at the booth of Peak Performance is eye was caught by the new apparel in which Henrik Windstedt and Dave Treadway are shredding this season: the Heli Pro line.

wePowder Season Kick-Off

Obergurgl for president

by RP on 19 December 2014

Although the winter in the Alps does not really seems to start and most ski resorts do not have any snow below 2000 metres, Amy and I were looking  towards December 12 with optimism : ‘they' predicted one snowfall after another: this should be ok! The closer we got to the date the scarier we became…. all the predictions were literally vanishing like frost under the morning sun. Should this wePowder Season Kickoff be the one where we all would be crowding on an icy mountain top?

Freeride dog

by Arjen on 19 December 2014

In the snow-capped peaks overlooking Bariloche, Argentina, Refugio Frey is the only protection from the ravaging winds, drawing wanderers of all sorts to its doors. When a dog named Conga arrives and leads skier Santiago Guzman into the hills with her infectious energy, the windswept landscape becomes a backdrop for the pure joy of two mountain souls sharing a day in the wild.

Powder alert Alps

PA #3: Let's go north!

Winter will arrive after Christmas in the Alps

by meteomorris on 17 December 2014

Hovden, Norway ((C) Rider: Vinnen, Photo: Guy.) 

This is a very special forecast, because due to the lack of snow in the Alps and the expected crowds during the first Christmas week (20-27 December), I don't have any tips for the Alps, but the advice to go to Norway. The story on the situation in the Alps is probably know by every rider, and if not, you can check it out here. In short,  it's practically impossible to find (good) snow in the Alps under the 2.200 meters altitude. For good snow you'll have to go head to the main alpine ridge and south of it and I guess it will be pretty busy there the next couple of weeks.

War Story

by Arjen on 16 December 2014

When the Salomon crew arrives at the lodge high in the Italian Dolomites, they discover the mountain they are skiing on was the front line in World War 1.

Powder alert Scandinavia

PowderAlert Norway!

Go! Go! Goooo!

by meteomorris on 16 December 2014

What do you do when the snow is not coming to the Alps? If you know that the next two weeks, hundreds of thousands of winter sports enthusiasts flock to the Alps? That you currently can only freeride above 2200 meters in the Alps? And then only in the main alpine ridge or south of it? If the webcams show such images as below? And that the concept of snow guarantee is just a hollow phrase in the marketing story of the resort you want to visit? What do you do?Saalbach Hinterglemm on December 15 

Hochkonig on December 15

Powder alert Alps

Snow for the higher alpine again

by meteomorris on 15 December 2014

Southern stau visible from Obergurgl

A solid southern Stau kicked in last weekend and it started to snow lightly on the south side of the Alps. At this time, it's snowing lightly between Monte Rosa in the west and Carinthia in the east. In the course of the day the snowfall will extend to the southern Piedmont where the snow line is between 1200 and 1600 meters. It will continue to snow in the south until Tuesday, where you can expect 2-10, locally 20 centimeters of freshies.Some freshies for the south 


Where can you find enough snow?

Snow again for the higher alpine

by meteomorris on 14 December 2014

Good conditions in Obergurgl

I'm in Obergurgl this weekend and the conditions are pretty good above 2200 meters. The couloirs are in good condition, the snow cover is thick and stable and there are plenty of options to go touring. Where the rest of Austria is dying for snow, winter is definitely here. But today the wind kicked in and the temperatures are a little bit higher than the days before. 'L'ambiance est hivernale' as they say in France. I was at the Pitztaler Gletsjer a couple of days ago and there's plenty of snow to be found over there as well, but you could notice that the Pitztal is located a bit more north than Obergurgl. But both of the areas are resorts that are situated deep in the main alpine ridge and especially in this main alpine ridge it's winter above 2200 meters. The snow cover is thick and will stay there for the rest of the winter.Big mountain line in Obergurgl

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