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Get in shape for winter!

by Arjen on 13 July 2015

Words: JoostHagemeijer

Recall Black Diamond Jetforce airbag

by Arjen on 10 July 2015

In the category 'return to sender', there's a recall on backpacks with the Jetforce technology. This relatively new airbag does not work with cylinders which are under high pressure (like ABS and Mammut), but with a battery which drives a fan. Read more about the Jetforce airbag here. Anyway, if you have one in yourself now it's time to send it back.

Winter Outlook 15/16

What will be the influence of El Niño?

by meteomorris on 7 July 2015

Synopsis: There is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere fall 2015, and around an 85% chance it will last through the 2015-16 winter. (source)

Eight things the rabbit is doing wrong

by Arjen on 10 June 2015

Everyone has already seen the video of the white rabbit in the avalanche. Not yet? Well, you're one of the few, but if you missed it, it is about a rabbit who tries (and pretty successful actually) not to be buried by the avalanche chasing DCP. Of course it looks hilarious, but hey, riding of bounds is full of risks and the rabbit makes plenty of (basic) mistakes.

Norway is drowning in snow

by meteomorris on 4 June 2015

May was pretty extraordinary with lots of snowfall in the Alps and Scandinavia. We saw pictures with snow deep into the valleys on a regular basis. The images shot in Norway this week however... Wow... They make me forget about summer. Winter is back!

Deep snowed in lift in Fonna

Powder alert Alps

Powder late April?

There's snow in the air!

by meteomorris on 23 April 2015

There's snow on the maps again 

It's late April, summer is well on its way and it felt like Spring in the Alps the last couple of days. A lot of resorts already closed their lifts for the season. But there's more snow on its way. Wax up... there's snow coming for the higher alpine. There aren't that much lifts open anymore, but some resorts still have their lifts running. 

The day after Easter

One of those days

by GerkeDeekens on 23 April 2015

It snowed the days before Easter, and then it snowed some more... We finished our workweek and woke up with sunschine shining through the windows. It's a nice feeling driving up to the glacier Kitzsteinhorn with the colleagues knowing it could be 'one of those days'. Stefan Wallner was so kind to bring his photocamera so beside good memories we also have nice photos. 

Rider: Lukas Kneissel Photo: STALE Photography

First descent Mont Emilius

by meteomorris on 22 April 2015

Unknown to most, Mount Emilius is the mountain that overlooks the city of Aosta. In 2013 Julien "Pica" Herry and I skied the North Face of Becca di Nona and on that occasion we couldn't help but notice the huge north face of Emilius. Making a complete ascent of this frightening face seemed like an immense dream, and finding the right conditions seemed like something even bigger still.

Powder alert Alps

Snow for the high alpine

by meteomorris on 16 April 2015

Snow for the high alpine 

After a week with high temperatures in the Alps colder air is finally coming in on Friday. But this invasion is extremely difficult. Now, at the time of writing, it is still summer in the Alps and really cold air is still at least 1000 kilometers north of the Alps. A painfully slow cold front will only reach the Alps in the night from Friday to Saturday and the temperature will drop slowly. Before that, it will rain for 24 hours up to high altitude.Cold front coming in from the north

Powder alert Alps

PA #21: where to go?

Winter is back!

by meteomorris on 2 April 2015

Bregenzerwald (via de reports)

Winter is back! The real hurricane winds are pretty much gone, but there still is a strong wind in the mountains. Between Wednesday and today it snowed heavily and it will keep on snowing intense in eastern Switzerland and areas in Austria and Bavaria until tomorrow morning. I'm pretty afraid what will happen on Friday. The sun will come out on Friday and there won't be that much wind. Do not be tempted to ride in the high alpine. The wind has been transporting snow since Monday, creating massive amounts of wind-drift snow that sits on top of cohesion-less snow in some places. For the layman pretty impossible to recognize and even for experts pretty hard to judge. Complete faces are filled with boobie traps that await the first avalanche dummies. Some quotes from the avalanche bulletins in Austria:

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