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by Arjen on 26 August 2014

The latest movie of Nimbus is called“ [COORDINATES] “ and was shot entirely on the GoPro Hero 3+ camera, by Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, and Pep Fujas. Filmed on location in Hokkaido, Japan - Pemberton, British Columbia - and Mt. Hood, Oregon. Nimbus collaborated with artist and producer “Tired Eyes” to create a unique soundtrack solely for the production. This movie is a brief look at each athletes perspective, and is an attempt to give our audience a better idea of what to expect when our two year movie project “After The Sky Falls” drops next fall.

Some summer thoughts

by EmileHendrix on 19 August 2014

Every now and then, I think about skiing. Usualy that's quite logical as I've got a topographic map of my favorite skiing hill on one of my walls and a picture of a telemarker from a French skiing magazine on my other wall. Whenever I see either of them I happily think about skiing for a moment. Weirdly enough, I've grown so fond of skiing over the past years that I now also daydream about it in places and times where and when I wouldn't expect to do so. In train carriages that hurl me through the longest tunnel I knew, sometime in July, onboard of large passenger ships during nightly crossings of the north sea in august and in the smallest and filthiest of all of Danmark's fishermans kro's. Even while doing some homework in the field of hydrodynamics.

Film for the weekend: White Session

by Arjen on 8 August 2014

For Enak Gavaggio, this time no Raclette, no white wine, no french cheese, but some good powder snow for the Japan Julbo White session with Enak. Pillow session, ride over smoky volcanoes and bear tracks, discover and enjoy a really funny ski adventure at country of rising sun and his legendary snow.

Film for the weekend: Stammtisch

by Arjen on 25 July 2014

Wow! This is a great Euro production! Great freeride from the Freeski-crew in our beloved Alps and some more exotic destinations like Canada. The combination of park and powder, but also lots of great skiing is worth half an hour of your time.

Film for the weekend: Head Straight

by Arjen on 18 July 2014

For every season there is a story to tell. These stories mean just as much to the sport as the riding itself and can make or break the overall experience. Behind each shot is a name, a talent and a tale of success, struggle and heart. Just as the snowflakes we worship, no two stories will ever be the same. This is the story of the guys from Chaoz Productions.

Trailer Time

All the freeride films of 14/15

by Arjen on 17 July 2014

It's that time of the year again. Slowly but shortly we can start our countdown to winter. And that comes with the release of lots of freeride films. The trailers are published these days. It's still summer, but it's enough to get you fired up a little bit for the months to come. What's your favorite?

The end of Les 4 Vallées next season?

by meteomorris on 23 June 2014

Pretty bizarre news in the Swiss Media today. The lift corporations of Verbier, Veysonnaz, Nendaz and Thyon did not come to an agreement about offering Les 4 Vallées on one lift pass. The situation right now is indicating that there will be separate ski areas next season.

Xavier De Le Rue keeps on rocking

by meteomorris on 4 June 2014

When you think of the gnarliest snowboarder on the planet, usually one name comes to mind. That name is Xavier De Le Rue. Xavier has done some of the craziest, and steepest lines in all of snowboarding, and this part from Nation is no exception. Hang onto your seat while watching this part, because it's definitely intense!

Røldal – The deepest snow in Europe?

Two winter camping trips

by viking2 on 25 April 2014

Røldal – The deepest snow in Europe, that is what an old folder from the tourist information said, but is it true?
The powder forecast predicted a 50cm of powder, time to pack everything together and Røldal it was going to be.
After waking up from my first night of winter camping, it was time to gear up and ski down to the lifts. At the parking I met Christian and Ole, who were gearing up for ski touring and asked if I could join them and that wasn't a problem. We discussed where we wanted to go and we skinned up. The slopes weren't groomed yet, so we decided to ski between the lifts, since it was a foggy and sometimes snowing, so the lifts would give us some contours.  After changing from ascend- to descend modus we started skiing. We skied carefully because of the flat light and the presence of large patches of crust snow. Once we were halfway down the visibility cleared and it was time to throttle up. To end with Christians words: ‘det var konge' which would translate into ´it was awesome´. We decided to meet up at 5pm again because the ski area opened up for night skiing until 8pm.

Powder alert Alps

PA #27: Spring pow!

Stretch the season

by Niels on 25 April 2014

In case you've missed the powder during Easter, here's another chance for you to stretch the season. It's clearly spring at the moment in the Alps, the freezing level is around 2800 meters. It's partly cloudy, which is not too good for tour skiers. It's not particularly cold during the nights as well and as a result it's pretty hard for the snow to loose its humidity during the night and get colder again.

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