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Powder alert Alps

PA #16: A powder day and another storm

PA #16 is getting on fire

by meteomorris on 3 March 2015

The rain turned into snow during Monday pretty much everywhere. Fortunately, it was in the inner alpine valleys of Switzerland already cold enough that it was snowing pretty much the whole day in villages like Davos, Andermatt and Zinal, but further to the west and north there was still a lot of rain. Especially in France it was pretty miserable and in many places the snowcover got very wet to a depth of 30-50 cm. The inevitable result of a lot of rain.

Powder alert Alps

PA#16: North(west)stau galore

Tuesday will be okay, but deeper after that...

by meteomorris on 2 March 2015

Saturday was ON!

Last night it rained in many parts of the French Alps up to 2000 meters and above. The announced warmth arrived during the day and especially in the French Alps and the west of Switzerland, the temperature rose rapidly and was joined by heavy winds. Both the Swiss and the French have scaled up the avalanche danger to BIG (4 on a scale of 5) for large parts of the Isère, Haute Savoie and western Valais.

Corbet's couloir

by Arjen on 28 February 2015

One of the most famous, perhaps the thé most famous, inbound couloirs in the US of A can be found in Jackson Hole. Corbet's Couloir is marked on the slope map and then you might think 'it's on the map, how hard can it be'. Yet a lot of people go tomahawking sown. Corbet's was first skied in 1967. A great movie of Todd McScraffy and Biff Huckneck!

Team Europe wins Skiers Cup

by Arjen on 27 February 2015

This week, the fifth edition of the Swatch Skiers Cup took place in the Swiss town of Zermatt. The concept is simple. Team America against Team Europe. Both teams have nine skiers who will compete against each other in backcountry slopestyle and big mountain freeride. It's one on one, so it's simple: the team with the most points wins.

Powder alert Alps

PA #15: Saturday is the day

But first a day with sun

by meteomorris on 26 February 2015

Looking at the reports from Wednesday, it's quite clear what the conditions are like in the Alps. It was sunny in the west, while it's still snowing in the east. Today (Thursday) it is sunny everywhere. But this is only for a little while.


Powder alert Alps

Another dump

PA #15 on its way

by meteomorris on 25 February 2015

Although it is still snowing today in many parts of Austria, it's time to look back. The warm front arrived in the night of Monday and as expected the snow line was therefore high. It took until Tuesday morning (and sometimes even to the Tuesday afternoon) before the cold front arrived in Austria and that was not expected. The snow line was therefore pretty high in Austria, but the cold air arrived on Tuesday so it snowed deeper into the valleys.

The sun already came out In the west, and you could ride some nice powder in France under blue skies. Altogether around 20-40, locally 60 cm of freshies, came down. A lot of snowfall was recorded above 1800 meters.Freshies in Les 3 Vallees 

Powder alert Pyrenees

A rather complex alert

Friday and/or Saturday might be epic.

by meteomorris on 25 February 2015

Forecast for the next 4 days

A series of storms are moving into the Pyrenees the next few days. They already got 30-70 cm of freshies the last few days and temperatures were pretty low. Treeruns were in great shape, but this will change during the next few days.

Powder alert Alps

PA#14: where to go?

by meteomorris on 22 February 2015

Yes, it is ON again, PowderAlert #14 is coming up and the long term offers great perspectives with PA #15. This winter is getting on fire. And is one you just don't want to miss.

Aftermath #PA13
Around 30-70 centimeters of freshies came down between Friday and Sunday. Locally even 80 centimeters in the west and south. As expected, it was already sunny on Sunday in the west and still cloudy in the east. The tree runs around the Ecrins, Piedmont, Ticino, Gotthard (A******t) and Lombardia were of exceptional quality and even in the Haute Savoie and western Valais you could find great powder between the trees. The reports said it all.Andermatt

Powder alert Alps

PA#13: South and West

Where to go?

by meteomorris on 20 February 2015

PA #12 brought a great weekend and a great beginning of the week to the Piedmont. And although the powder is still around, PowderAlert #13 is around the corner.

Aftermath #PA12
We still see great reports coming in on our timeline. Thanks for the frequency and quality with which you share reports. They give us a better picture than the webcams that are sometimes placed at strategic positions in the ski areas. So please continue to share!Madesimo

Freeride Open in Kappl

by Arjen on 19 February 2015

Here we go! The first ever Freeride Open in Kappl is about to happen this weekend! From February 20-22 the Austrian ski resort will be all about freeride! Test the newest products, check out the latest freeride movies and take part in parties and talks about freeride!

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