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Highlights of the FWT in Chamonix

by Arjen on 26 January 2015

Last Saturday was the first stop of the Freeride World Tour held in Chamonix. If you missed it, hereby two videos with the highlights of the top three in the men and women of the skiers and the whole contest (if you still have some time left somewhere). I can't find the highlights of the top three snowboard on the website of the FWT, so if you find it, feel free to drop it in the comments.

Powder alert Alps

PA #8: already 20-45 cm of freshies

We're on schedule

by meteomorris on 26 January 2015

PowderQuest report

The northern Stau is getting on fire. They dumps aren't that big as mentioned yesterday, but it will snow steadily where the region north of the line Engelberg-Innsbruck-Radstadt picks up the most snow. In some areas they already measured 40-45 centimeters of freshies and another 20-40 centimeters is added the next 24 hours.

PA#8: freshies in the northern Alps

by meteomorris on 25 January 2015

The conditions in the northern Alps will improve significantly the coming week. PowderAlert #8 is in effect and the first snow has fallen. And ... there is much more to come.Elm

Already 33 avalanche fatalities

by meteomorris on 25 January 2015

Winter started quite late this season and we therefore warn you for a very unstable snow cover. Especially Austria hit the negative jackpot the last time. To give you an idea of where and when the deadly avalanches have occurred, we have developed the following map for you. We also share the sheet in which we keep this season accidents at, so we all can learn from it. 

Powder alert Alps

PA #8: Up to 200 cm of freshies

In two stages

by meteomorris on 25 January 2015


The logo of PA #8 is pretty big this time. And that's for a reason. PowderAlert #8 is for the northern Alps and that was about time. After PA #4 and #5 they had to wait for a new dump. #6 and #7 were for the West and especially the south. It's time for the north and the (north)west again to get hammered.

FWT: Chamonix LIVE!

by Arjen on 23 January 2015

The Freeride World Tour is starting again. Chamonix is the resort where the skiers and snowboarders will ride for the prestigious title of 'freeride world champion'. The official kick-off of the Tour was on Friday, but things will really go down on Saturday. The Brévent is the face where the riders will battle for the first points of the season.

PA #6: La bella Italia

Dutch Grasshoppers Alliance in Livigno

by RP on 22 January 2015

There was another dump on the charts and this was another one I could not miss! Rainfall like there is no tomorrow in The Netherlands and some of my powder buddy's being in Japan like Guy and Vinnie, I reckoned that I was entitled to some fresh pow of my own! Hey Winny, it is on in the South, leave on Friday, back on Monday, are you game? Hey brother, off course I am, check! With a couples of days to go I did a gear check and watched for further news on websites and especially wePowder. One thing was certain: we would not be the only people going ‘Down South'…. I had some contact with fellow wePowder freerider Evan who was going with his friends Rutger and Elise. We made an agreement that we would ride together when we would end up in the same resort.

Powder alert Alps

PA#7: where to go?

PowderAlert #8 will be for the northern Alps

by meteomorris on 22 January 2015

Monte Rosa this morning 

And yes. PA # 7 is on. Around 30-50 centimeters, locally even 70 centimeters came down between Monte Rosa and San Bernadino. The rest of the Italian Piedmont had around 15-40 cm. Furthermore, it snowed as expected in the Vercors and a lot of freshies came down south and west of the Ecrins, but also in Isola 2000. This is the pretty much the powder advice for the weekend. Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and even Sunday with some searching) you'll have to go to:

It's snowing: PA#7

Some webcam shots

by Arjen on 21 January 2015

The bird house of Madesimo

Just before it's getting dark heavy snowfalls are reported in the Southern Alps. To feed the stoke we collected some webcam shots. PA#7 is ON. Want to know where? Check Morris' forecast. Wanna know more about a certain resort just klick on the resortname below a webcam shot.

Powder alert Alps

PA #7: Powder in the Vercors!

Finetuning has started

by meteomorris on 21 January 2015

Japan? No, Alagna

They had around 25-35 centimeters of freshies in the Vercors and the Chartreuse the past 24 hours just and there is another 20 cm expected the next two days. Nice powder days in this pre-Alps of France. And it wasn't only in those regions where they had a lot of snow.Powder in the Chartreuse

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