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Powder alert Alps

PA #9: up to 80 centimeter of freshies

Don't forget your snorkel!

by meteomorris on 30 January 2015

PowderQuest report

Everybody was complaining about the lack of snow, but it's probably a matter of days before the first complaints that there's too much snow will come in. Somehow this reminds me of the avalanche winter of 1999. This also began weak and meaningless, until January 26, when the snow machine was switched on. Big time. In three storms more than 5 meters of snow came down in less than a month. We are not there yet in the Alps, but we've got a stormy period with lots of fresh snow ahead of us.The snow cover is back at its normal level 

Avalanche fatalities in Verbier, Kitzbühel and Vercors

HIGH avalanche danger

by Arjen on 29 January 2015

Lawine op de Nordkette

A 16-year-old girl was killed today in the ski resort of Les 4 Vallées. On the Col des Mines / Vallon d'Arbi she was seized by an avalanche. The avalanche danger today is 4 (HIGH) in the ski resort of Les 4 Vallées. More info here.

HIGH avalanche danger in the French Alps

by meteomorris on 29 January 2015

HIGH avalanche danger

The French avalanche services increased the avalanche danger up to four (HIGH) on a scale of five. PowderAlert #9 will bring one to two meters of fresh snow to the French Alps.

Powder alert Alps

PA #9: D-E-E-P

Avalanche danger temporary up to four?

by meteomorris on 28 January 2015

It's snorkel time!

The reports came in like crazy on Tuesday and it probably won't be any different today. PowderAlert #8 was, or rather still is, ON and there's still more to come. PowderAlert #9 could just be the deepest of this winter. Something not to miss. A brief summary:

Cutting Lines - Salomon Freeski TV

by Arjen on 27 January 2015

It's something nobody ever talks about, but the forest industry has created access to most of the great skiing areas in the world. Without it, this sport would look very different.

Powder alert Alps

PA #8: Another 10-50 cm of freshies!

On top of the 20-40 cm!

by meteomorris on 27 January 2015

PowderQuest report

Monday afternoon it started to snow across the Northern Alps including the French Northern Alps. As expected the most snow came down in the so-called pre-Alps. Today (Tuesday) the weather will slowly change from the west and the sun will come out in the course of the day in the French Northern Alps, Valais and the west of the Bernese Oberland. Farther east, it will keep on snowing in the northern Alps. Most snow will fall north of the line Engelberg-Innsbruck Radstadt. You can expect around 30-50 cm of freshies between Monday and Wednesday. Further west and south you can expect 10-30 cm. South of the main alpine ridge and in the French Southern Alps it remains dry and sunny. Wednesday still some snow in the Northeast, but the sun will come out soon. It's a calm before a new storm.Snowflakes during the night on the webcam of Faschina

Highlights of the FWT in Chamonix

by Arjen on 26 January 2015

Last Saturday was the first stop of the Freeride World Tour held in Chamonix. If you missed it, hereby two videos with the highlights of the top three in the men and women of the skiers and the whole contest (if you still have some time left somewhere). I can't find the highlights of the top three snowboard on the website of the FWT, so if you find it, feel free to drop it in the comments.

Powder alert Alps

PA #8: already 20-45 cm of freshies

We're on schedule

by meteomorris on 26 January 2015

PowderQuest report

The northern Stau is getting on fire. They dumps aren't that big as mentioned yesterday, but it will snow steadily where the region north of the line Engelberg-Innsbruck-Radstadt picks up the most snow. In some areas they already measured 40-45 centimeters of freshies and another 20-40 centimeters is added the next 24 hours.

PA#8: freshies in the northern Alps

by meteomorris on 25 January 2015

The conditions in the northern Alps will improve significantly the coming week. PowderAlert #8 is in effect and the first snow has fallen. And ... there is much more to come.Elm

Already 33 avalanche fatalities

by meteomorris on 25 January 2015

Winter started quite late this season and we therefore warn you for a very unstable snow cover. Especially Austria hit the negative jackpot the last time. To give you an idea of where and when the deadly avalanches have occurred, we have developed the following map for you. We also share the sheet in which we keep this season accidents at, so we all can learn from it. 

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