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Powder alert Alps

PA #26: After snowfall comes...

...more snow for the higher alpine

by meteomorris on 16 April 2014

Powpow in Austria

PowderAlert #25 was a good one for the higher alpine areas in Austria. Above 2200 meters, around 35-60 centimeters of freshies came down in just 48 hours, so everything is nice and white again for Easter. And that was pretty necessary. Winter came back and repaired the slush puppy snow. It's colder and there are freshies, but the wind is causing a lot of drift snow. Not deep winter, but cold enough for nice conditions. But remember that the position of the sun and the high temperatures will cause the drift snow to settle fast. Check your local avalanche bulletin every day and adapt your plans to it.New low pressure area developing

Powder alert Alps

PA #25: Go East!

Short winter comeback

by meteomorris on 14 April 2014


It has been a while, but winter is back in the eastern parts of the Alps. And it’s even happening in the northeast of the Alps. They’ve been waiting for this dump pretty much whole winter. And just before Easter they’ll get some freshies with snow above a 1000 meters. It’s time to have a look at the webcams (unless you are in the Alps of course!)Pepica on the right

A Kyrgyz Ski Adventure

by Arjen on 5 April 2014

The movie shows the story of four friends travelling to the former soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan in 2012. Super confident they made their way into the Tien Shan mountain range, where they were confronted with snowconditions they have never seen before...

Edit - Touring Lines EP1

by wittelijnen.com on 31 March 2014

This season I was focussed on big lines with a tourapproach/exit. The kind of terrain where you'll have to wait for the right moment to ride it. Everything should come together. One line a day, all in La Plagne, France. 

Powder alert Alps

PowderAlert #24

Winter for a while

by meteomorris on 26 March 2014

Winter is back in the Alps since last weekend. It was on in most parts of the Alps since Sunday and you can still find a lot of powder as the reports below are showing us.

Powder alert Alps

Up to 100 centimeters of freshies

PA#24 will be a retour d'est!

by meteomorris on 24 March 2014

It's deep in the Alps again

The announced winter is back! With locally up to 100 centimeters of freshies and temperatures that are normal for the end of January. Storm Hannelore and her sister Isle brought the northern Alps the best day of the season. And that for the end of March. But winter is going strong again and PowderAlert #24 is on its way!

PA#23: DEEP again

by meteomorris on 23 March 2014


Meribel, Savoie France

Powder alert Alps

PA #23 Bam! Winter is back!

Cold and lots of freshies

by meteomorris on 21 March 2014

Did you already change the tires on your car? Heading for the Alps the next couple of days? Put the winter tires back on, because winter is making the comeback of the year. The temperature will drop a whopping 15 degrees in just about 24 hours. King Winter is back on its throne!Storm depressions all over the place

Superstorm Hannelore
I was talking about Hannelore on Wednesday and she gathered some girlfriends. Her lovely twin sister Hannelore II is visible on the maps right now (don't you love twins…) and her weaker sisters are hanging out above Barcelona and just north of the Alps. This army of storm depressions was to strong for high pressure area Johannes, who left the Alps through the backdoor. The countdown for the first snowfall has started.

Powder alert Alps

PA#23: up to 150 cm of freshies

It's short, but intense

by meteomorris on 19 March 2014

Searching for pow at the Arlberg (through PowderQuest App)

Update Thursday 7.35. The models are indicating a longer period with cold temperatures. This will be the dump you don’t want to miss if you want to ride some powder. Monday to Friday will be really good. More details tomorrow (Friday)! Wax up!

Powder alert Alps

PA#23: Tu es bien la?

Lots of snow for the higher alpine

by meteomorris on 17 March 2014

Wet slides in Les Karrelis

It was summer last week in the Alps. The temperatures got up to digits that are normal….for mid June. Our warning for wet snow avalanches was a good one. These wet snow avalanches came down in Switzerland and Austria. This week will be pretty warm again and you’ll still have to be aware of wet snow avalanches. There’s some colder air hitting the northern Alps on Tuesday and Wednesday with some snow on high altitude, but this is practically nothing. Nope, we’ll have to move ahead to next weekend. The weather models are suggesting a change of weather for seven days now, where the European model is the most modest and probably will be right in the end. The GFS model came up with snow for this Thursday and cold temperatures and snowfall for Saturday. Well, the forecast has to be postponed, but finally it looks like there will be some consensus between the models. The maps for Sunday are looking quite the same.Snow from the (south)west?

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