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A small indication for winter!

Some snow for the northern Alps

by meteomorris on 22 September 2014

Pitztal this morning

The weather is changing today in western Europe. From around 20 degrees to more autumn-like weather. Let's check out the webcams. The cold front wasn't that strong, but more than enough to drop some snow on the mountains.Expected snowfall till tonight 

My hunt for viking gold

The secret of the scandi's

by EmileHendrix on 22 September 2014

Living in another land, you can not help but notice small differences in everyday life. Much like the small differences between two snowboarders leaving the same teleski. Having seen a few of them before, you can easily tell which one has been working on his technique longer. You can see which one has been, or is now, trying harder.

The Search - Stepping Stones

by Arjen on 18 September 2014

With each era our passion has known, people have pushed the limits of exploration and innovation to new boundaries. Like a snowball thrown over the ledge before a cliff drop, they laid the paths to our Search and sent us in new directions.

A day out with Bruno Compagnet

Le Skieur Authentique

by meteomorris on 17 September 2014

An exclusive look into the life of the Norrøna ambassador Bruno Compagnet. As a pioneer and dominating force in the French freeride scene, winning the first competition ever organized in Europe and landing podiums and first descents for more than a decade, Bruno has led a life unlike most.


Snow for the Northern Rockies

Winds from the east

by meteomorris on 12 September 2014

I hope you enjoyed your summer, got some waves or even went down under for an Endless Winter. Countdown has started for a new winter in the Northern hemisphere. “Winter is coming” to the Rockies this week and we even saw the first flakes in Austria. 

Snow last 4 days


Snow for Austria

by meteomorris on 11 September 2014

Bron: Powder Forecast

The forecast maps are live again and everybody who checked the snowmaps the last couple of days has seen some nice purple and yellow colors. It's an indication that snow is on its way. The expert maps confirm this snowfall. A small, but bitchy low pressure area called Dagmar connected with the low pressure area that was placed of the Northsea and sucks a big 'balloon' with cold air towards the northern Alps.Dagmar in full swing

New season Salomon Freeski TV

by Arjen on 9 September 2014

October 7th. Mark that day! Salomon will feet the stoke every two weeks with another awesome new episode of Freeski TV. It's the eight season already, but when you look at the trailer it promises just to be the best season ever. And of course, every episode can be watched here on wePowder.

Les Quatre Vallées saved!

by meteomorris on 8 September 2014

It really happened. What everyone quietly expected and definitely had also hoped for happened: Les Quatre Vallées continues to be one ski area. And not just for the coming season. No, all uncertainty is gone now by continuing the cooperation for the next 18 years.


by Arjen on 26 August 2014

The latest movie of Nimbus is called“ [COORDINATES] “ and was shot entirely on the GoPro Hero 3+ camera, by Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, and Pep Fujas. Filmed on location in Hokkaido, Japan - Pemberton, British Columbia - and Mt. Hood, Oregon. Nimbus collaborated with artist and producer “Tired Eyes” to create a unique soundtrack solely for the production. This movie is a brief look at each athletes perspective, and is an attempt to give our audience a better idea of what to expect when our two year movie project “After The Sky Falls” drops next fall.

Some summer thoughts

by EmileHendrix on 19 August 2014

Every now and then, I think about skiing. Usualy that's quite logical as I've got a topographic map of my favorite skiing hill on one of my walls and a picture of a telemarker from a French skiing magazine on my other wall. Whenever I see either of them I happily think about skiing for a moment. Weirdly enough, I've grown so fond of skiing over the past years that I now also daydream about it in places and times where and when I wouldn't expect to do so. In train carriages that hurl me through the longest tunnel I knew, sometime in July, onboard of large passenger ships during nightly crossings of the north sea in august and in the smallest and filthiest of all of Danmark's fishermans kro's. Even while doing some homework in the field of hydrodynamics.

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