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PowderAlert #9 is on its way

by meteomorris on 31 December 2013

Another sweet report through the PowderQuest app

Not a long forecast today. I still have some preparations to do for New Years Eve. And I also have to find some time for revalidation. My ankle is doing better and better and it seems like I'll be enjoying some fresh powder in Canada next week.

Any powder news?
There's still plenty of powder to be found in the southern Alps. I wasn't able to ride powder this season, but I'm ready to go. The Alps will have to wait for a while. A warm front is coming in and that front will bring some snow on Thursday, but rain at high altitude as well. The snowline will be between 1200 and 1800 meters. The freezing level is going up and down as well. You can expect around 5-20 centimeters of freshies. In western Wallis and the Stau regions of the Mt. Blanc it will be a little bit more. Because of the warm temperatures and the wind it's not worth calling out a PowderAlert.The maps for PowderAlert #9

Things will change after the fifth of January. A short, but powerful PowderAlert. It's too early for the details, but PowderAlert #9 will happen in three phases. Föhn in the northern Alps and an incoming front from the southwest, a hit-and-run on the western and southern Alps and a northern ‘kickback'?

I'm saving the details for PowderAlert #9 for 2014. If I don't speak to you in person anymore, I'm wishing you all the best, and a deep, safe and great 2014 with lots of powder.

May the powder be with you!


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AdamStekl 1 Jan 2014 2:08 PM

many thanks for your forecasts. You do amazing job for all of us - powder obsessed people. Just curious - have you studied meteorology or something?
Enjoy Canada!


meteomorris 1 Jan 2014 7:13 PM

@AdamStekl Thank you for the compliments. To be honest.. I studied Politics and Business Administration. But as every powder rider I wanted to know everything about snow, powder etc... and so I became a powderforecaster wink

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