43% discount on Mammut RAS Airbags

  • dr.Gear
    dr.Gear op 23 Oktober 2014 · 11:54
    Because Dr. Gear is keen on testing products, he talks to a lot of nice people working at brands, shops, lift companies, etcetc. And Dr. Gear got a special wePowder code from the people at Bergzeit to get a Mammut RAS Airbag with a huge discount (43%, which is around 301 euros).

    Go to: http://www.bergzeit.co.uk/mammut-ride-30-removable-airbag/...

    Choose the steel cartridge (700 euro) or the carbon cartridge (800 euro) and fill in this code at checkout: wepowder

    You'll only pay 399 euros or 499 euros for an airbag. A great deal, but Dr. Gear has one more thing to say to you. An airbag is a great product, but it never replaces the right amount of knowledge. Have fun in the powder!
    Als ik het niet heb getest dan is het niet best.


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