Winter ain't over yet

Von meteomorris an 5 April 2013 · 0

Oh boy, have you've been dizzed by the weathermodels lately. Where Europe is loaded with powder, this side of the Ocean was warm, mild and sunny. But change is in the air.

A pattern with storms and moisture is setting up for the next several days! First we will see rain, but after the rain there will be..... Sunshine/snow. I would say.. snow. Colder air is expected to arrive Friday into Saturday bringing snow to the Cascades and Whistler. Most of the resorts (Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, Alpental, Mount Baker and Whistler) will see the snowlevels drop and snow fall down. Although it might be a bit heavy at certain spots. Snow is expected to continue the whole Saturday in the Cascades.

Cold air will be tracking Southeast. I do expect a powderday already on Sunday in Oregon but I am afraid that the other mountain ranges will have to wait a little longer as the cold air slowly tracks south east. Central Idaho, the Sierra, southern and central Montana will see light to moderate snow from Sunday to Monday.

To the southeast, the Wasatch will see first snow on Friday continuing into Sunday. The Californian storm is expected to arrive on Monday and tracking south east. And Heavy snowfall is expected. Colorado very heavy snow possible Monday to Wednesday.


Cascades and Coastal BC Saturday - Sunday

Oregon Sunday - Monday

Interior BC Sunday - Monday

Sierra Monday-Tuesday

Montana and Wyoming Monday-Tuesday

Utah Sunday-Wednesday

Colorado Wednesday - Thursday

San Juan Tuesday -Thursday

Stay stoked



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