It's time for a second season!

Von ErnstHendrikSprenger an 8 Januar 2014 · 3

Last year I had the great pleasure to experience a complete season in the Alps. Afterwards I was not sure what to do with my life. There were many possibilities, I found out that skiing is one of the things which makes me happy, really happy! But what's next?

The possibilities

This summer I have been considering becoming a ski instructor and working my way to become a ski guide, or maybe even mountain guide. Or would I prefer getting a normal job and do the occasional powder trip. Right now I haven't made an exact decision, I'm going back but this time with no/less work. Maybe I'll decide to become a guide later, but right now I'm sticking to the essentials which is just skiing as much powder days as possible.

What now?

Last season I managed to ski 107 days of my 120 day+ season. This year I'm going to outreach that. Furthermore I'm obviously able to start at a bit higher level, which enables me do more projects, more hiking and more peaks. I'll be living a bit out of town -no A location for me- but I got to save on the money somewhere. Also I'm planning to compete in the FWT Qualifiers, I already signed up for two and I'm considering riding four in total this season. I really wonder if this will help me to evolve as a skier but also if I'm even able to stay on my feet until the finish.

Unknown Chaos
Unknown Chaos

The tools

My Hellbents are still alive, but I've been looking around for a pair which is a bit stiffer and maybe a little bit conservative. Through wePowder I managed to get a pair of the blue nuclair units, the previous owner truly loved them but wasn't able to show them who's actually the boss. I will give it a go. I'm obviously talking about the Whitedot Ragnaroks a 193cm super stiff ski.

People always think you need big and fancy cars, I prefer old, dusty, dented ones.

a.k.a. The Jess
a.k.a. The Jess

And yea, she is still rolling and she is coming with me again!

Have a good season!


  • Powdernick
    Powdernick op 8 Januar 2014 · 16:49
    If your not working, and free to travel, buy a really good sleeping bag, a camping stove and a torch. There is nothing like chasing storm systems, and being the first one in the car park. good luck.
    Ski ya later.
  • ErnstHendrikSprenger
    ErnstHendrikSprenger op 8 Januar 2014 · 23:16
    I agree @Powdernick , problem with that, is the skipass, you would spent a fortune on skipasses. Here in the Alps you have passes which allows you to go to many resorts in one area but then you are still bound to an area/same conditions.
  • telemikey
    telemikey op 13 Januar 2014 · 21:28
    Or one time investment: skins...

    (Ok, you'll never get the vertical)
    White room,Pillow lines,I rule


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