Live: Cold smoke blower pow in Norway

Von robbie an 19 Januar 2014 · 4

Deep in Hemsedal
Deep in Hemsedal

Morris did announce a puderalarm for Norway a few days ago. I was a bit skeptikal and did contact him through Facebook. 'Is it worth the drive from Oslo?'... His response came quick: 'Yes'. And I have to admit it. You were spot on @ Meteo Morris ! Ice cold, finest quality Japanese blower pow. Some pictures from Hemsedal. And it is still snowing.


  • coen
    coen op 19 Januar 2014 · 16:57
    I'm very sad I missed this😞
    Earn your turns...
  • 3zel
    3zel op 19 Januar 2014 · 20:57
    Wow, deel shit bro
    knowledge is powder
  • viking2
    viking2 op 20 Januar 2014 · 19:41
    me2 @coen
    Did you get to ski this weekend?
    I didn't, unfortunately, because in the southwest the roads were closed or the ferries didn't go because of the strong winds, so there was no chance of reaching a ski(able)area.
  • coen
    coen op 20 Januar 2014 · 19:44
    @viking2 that sucks! No me neither, couldn't find buddies😞
    Earn your turns...


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