PA #8: already 20-45 cm of freshies

Von meteomorris an 26 Januar 2015 · 5

PowderQuest [report](
PowderQuest [report](

The northern Stau is getting on fire. They dumps aren't that big as mentioned yesterday, but it will snow steadily where the region north of the line Engelberg-Innsbruck-Radstadt picks up the most snow. In some areas they already measured 40-45 centimeters of freshies and another 20-40 centimeters is added the next 24 hours.


  • Northern Stau on fire

  • Another 20-50 centimeter of freshies

  • An intense northern Stau from Thursday evening with snow between Grenoble and the Arlberg


Last weekend it snowed steadily and quietly in the northern Alps. In the western and southern Alps on the other hand it was dry and sunny. Winter is starting slowly to dominate the Alps and with the snow that's is still to come it's time for the real tree runs. A little late, but better than never.



Short term

Today the clouds come in again quickly from the north and it will continue to snow in the northern Alps till Tuesday. As said another 20-40 centimeters of freshies, locally even a good 50 cm or more. Wednesday will be sunny again just like in the rest of the Alps. Although the wind will be pretty strong from time to time in the western and southern Alps, it will mostly be dry and sunny.

Midlong term: PA#8 or PA#9?

The current will turn to the northwest starting on Thursday. Initially this will result in a lot of snow between the Arlberg and Grenoble, where the emphasis lies in the northern French Alps and western Switzerland. Then the snowfall is expanding towards the Pyrenees, the entire Northern Alps East and the Southern Alps. It will snow far into next week and you can expect 150 centimeters, maybe even 200 centimeters of freshies.

I still have some doubts whether I should call this PowderAlert #9 or just an extended PowderAlert #8. What do you think?

Where to go?

From today through Thursday. It will be on by Wednesday.

From Thursday it will snow in the northwest. It will be ON from Saturday. Tomorrow the tips for this weekend. For now, seize the day and stay stoked.



  • FreshPow
    FreshPow op 26 Januar 2015 · 10:58
    Amazing!!! Going to be a long work week until the weekend arrives! 😃 Thanks for the update!!!
    Life starts at the end of your comfort zone
  • AeroFury
    AeroFury op 26 Januar 2015 · 11:03
    What about the French Alps (Western) and especially Tignes? 😃
  • FreshPow
    FreshPow op 26 Januar 2015 · 12:17
    @AeroFury: westernalps are going to get smashed! they´re expecting at least 150cm at 1500 as it looks now! Still a few days away so it can change, but definably keep this weekend and next weekend free!!!
    Life starts at the end of your comfort zone
  • MikeSPF
    MikeSPF op 26 Januar 2015 · 20:33
    hey, SF predicts up to 150cm of freshies in the Pyrenees between Thursday and Saturday. What is your take? Considering flying down to Baqueira or Andorra. It is gonna be windy, so potentially better Andorra
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 27 Januar 2015 · 03:33
    @MikeSPF Both will get wind. The more to the northwest the better.
    @AeroFury.. it will be deep as of Saturday.
    May the powder be with you.


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