Powder chasing in the US

Von Arjen an 4 September 2015 · 2

Chasing storms, riding deep powder. Sounds like the perfect plan for this winter right? Check out the video from these four friends driving through New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Driving over 5000 miles, riding powder pretty much every day. Don't expect 30 ft cliff drops or endless cork 1080's. Do expect lots of stoke and fun. This is what freeriding is all about!


  • Lukas95
    Lukas95 op 5 September 2015 · 22:56
    I like to do that one day! Awesome video!
    Give me powder please
  • Soulrider
    Soulrider op 12 September 2015 · 21:56
    Those guys know what it's all about. Riding powder with friends!


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