Deep Powder Day in Adelboden

  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 26 November 2015 · 19:09
    Do you know that feeling if you wake up in the morning and you look outside the window, and yes it has snowed 1/2 meter of finest powder. Thats what happened today in Adelboden. Since the lifts are not open yet its still hike and ride. But what a nice vibe beeing up there all alone, hiking earning every turn, every faceshot and nobody else around. Snowboarding in its purest form.
    Let there be powder.
  • rollie
    rollie op 26 November 2015 · 19:28
    Damned, You hit the jackpot twice already! Keep it coming!
    "I don't think I have the proper amount of tail rocker to execute this jump!"
  • Willem2k
    Willem2k op 26 November 2015 · 19:39
    Save some for the Dutchies! 😃 Heading out there tonight. Riding pow tomorrow! Winter 2015 is ON!
    Snowboarding without friends is not snowboarding.
  • ieism
    ieism op 26 November 2015 · 19:50
    See you tomorrow Chris, I'll be there first thing in the morning with some friends. 😃

    Prepare to share your pow.
  • pulverdude
    pulverdude op 26 November 2015 · 19:59
    Let the riding do the talking and you've said enough
  • SportGillie
    SportGillie op 27 November 2015 · 02:03
    @ChristianSchnabel would even find the best powder on Mars... Nice Chris!!!
    Live to ride, ride to live
  • Teze
    Teze op 27 November 2015 · 03:13
    Leave something for me on Sunday plse
  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 27 November 2015 · 17:20
    @sportgillie lets hope the locals are nice on mars!!!
    Let there be powder.


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