Eine spontane Lawine in La Grave

Von Diana an 11 Februar 2016 · 0

Rafael Prieto Herrera war in den letzten Tagen unterwegs in la Grave. Dort kam spontan eine Lawine runter. Zum Glück ohne folgen, jedoch gut um miteinander zu teilen: Hier seine Worte.

Hello WePowder community!!
It's been already a couple of seasons since I discovered your website and I have been reading the updates nearly everyday since then. I hadn't subscribe until now though. I live in Grenoble and I love to look for good powder in the resorts nearby.
Last monday I went to La Grave, conditions were perfect in the forest, but the second half of the cable car was closed due to wind and avalanche danger. In one of our runs, back to the village, this loose snow avalanche was naturally triggered when we were about to descent to the valley. A serac broke on top and caused it. Nobody was hurt, but we had a big scare. We all had our safety equipment and had previously talked to the local guides. We were riding cautiously and didn't risk.
The mountain can be dangerous in spite of all that.
Ride safe!!


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