Ski touring & freeriding in (southern) Norway

  • LeonardH
    LeonardH op 6 April 2016 · 09:52
    Hello to you powder fellas!

    I am since a longer time planning to go to Norway for some ski touring and freeriding, preferably in the southern parts which I could reach by other means than airplane as I am currently living in Stockholm.

    I haven't dug entirely deep into the matter yet but I was hoping to get some quick tips/recommendations about good locations and more and I would appreciate the help of any local or someone who has been to some areas.

    More specifically, I am trying to set up a ~one week trip, sleeping (mostly) in unaccommodated huts (=> low cost), with maybe 3 huts in total (so some hut-to-hut touring as well), with 3-4 ppl. All of that in this month, so April, I already feel like I am running very late.

    But this particular setting is rather hard to find out, so I was hoping that somebody has done similar trips or at least can tell me good locations where such might be possible. Also if you know for those areas what kind of snow conditions I might expect, I would gladly take any kind of that information.

    So, if anybody can offer me some basis where I could start doing more research on I would highly appreciate that (I am also open if somebody likes this idea and would be interested in joining!)



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