Trip to Montgenevre

  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 5 Dezember 2016 · 13:22
    Looking out of the window it was really hard to believe that there is snow on the southern side of the alps. But the maps where looking good. All signs where on for the first powderchase of the season. Destination: Montgenevre/Piemont. A great place to freeride. Snow was epic. Lifts just opened. A great crew. All ingredients for a sick weekend.

    Let there be powder.
  • Tim3
    Tim3 op 5 Dezember 2016 · 15:40
    Looks sweet! Pictures like this get my stoke going for sure.
    'Go, go on that great adventure' - Jeremy Jones (Higher)
  • evr66
    evr66 op 5 Dezember 2016 · 16:55
    Very nice pictures! Taken this weekend?
  • ChristianSchnabel
    ChristianSchnabel op 8 Dezember 2016 · 15:33
    was from the weekend of 26-27th november
    Let there be powder.
  • ffKnallen
    ffKnallen op 8 Dezember 2016 · 17:01


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