PA#25: the battle between warm and cold air

Von meteomorris an 25 März 2018 · 0

It is summer time, spring has started and this week is all about a battle between warm and cold air. The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger. For the time being the scenario looks like this: more and more snow from the northwest on Monday. Tuesday starts with cold snow which is directly followed by a warm front with mild air. The temperature drops again in the night to Thursday with snowfall deep into the valleys. The most snow will come down in the northwest and it will be sunny on the south side of the Alps. With the arrival of the warm front on Wednesday it will start snowing in the southern Alps as well. It looks like that Thursday will be a powder day. The long term is still uncertain because warm and cold air are still battling.

You can still ride some old powder on north faces on Monday, but the weather will become turbulent especially in the northwest of the Alps right after. The snow is still cold on Tuesday morning, but the temperature will rise in the afternoon. Wednesday is too warm, but there is powder again on Thursday. An extensive update with details where to go and an the long term forecast will be published tomorrow .

Stay stoked. Morris


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