PA #1 was great, fresh snow. Mild temperatures coming up.

Von meteomorris an 25 November 2018 · 2

We are still in the middle of the first PowderAlert. Through wePowder, mail, Facebook and Insta we receive various reports about the conditions. There's a good base above 2000 meters and the sun came out on Saturday after the snowfall of Friday/Saturday. Sunday starts sunny everywhere, but some clouds from the southwest will flow into the Alps by the end of the day. This results in some snowfall in the French southern Alps and the Alpe Adria on Monday. Once the low pressure area has passed through the Alps from the south-west, a northeastern to north-northeastern current is created.

PowderAlert #1

We've launched the first PowderAlert last week check out the video weather forecast last week. The conditions are great on the south side of the Alps. Especially when you consider that there's practically no snow on the northern side of the Alps. You can hardly imagine how good it is on the south side if you do not live in the area. A couple of images below.

Monte Rosa via Facebook (c) Stefan Reubelt
Monte Rosa via Facebook (c) Stefan Reubelt

San Domenico via wePowder (c) Magicpeach)
San Domenico via wePowder (c) Magicpeach)

Also check the live updates from Monte Rosa en Passo Tonale. And it will be good again today as well. You'd better enjoy it.

More snow coming in

A new front enters the Alps on Sunday afternoon. A weaker storm depression moves via the southwest towards the Alps. It brings some snow in the French southern Alps and the Alpe Adria. You don't have to expect much snow, because it only gently touches the most southwestern and southeastern regions in the Alps.

After it has passed the Alps, the low-pressure area continues to stick around to the east causing the current yo go to east-northeast and perhaps even northeast. The latter will result in snowfall on the north side of the Alps and maybe even the northern French Alps. But it is all very fragile. Real jetstream disruption is missing, making it very difficult to predict where and how much snow will fall. I hope to give you a better picture about it soon.

And that snow is needed. Let's hope for the best.

Jetstream to the south, depressions (too far) at distance

Let's hope that Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday brings some snow, because it does not look good right now after that. High pressure determines the weather, depressions stay at a distance and with a southern current it becomes too mild.

I really hope that the models are wrong. We need jetstream violence for a few weeks to ensure a good base in the Alps. It is the end of November and it's about time it starts snowing in the northern Alps. So bring in those storms!

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Stay stoked. Morris


  • engyaw
    engyaw op 25 November 2018 · 11:25
    This looks to be a repeat of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons 😞
  • mmp3
    mmp3 op 25 November 2018 · 18:53
    This looks to be a repeat of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons 😞engyaw op 25 Nov 2018 11:25
    I remember standing at the top of Bellvarde in Val Di'Sere on the 3rd December 2017....and it wasn't brilliant... (pretty much looks the same on the webcams now there)then within a few days.. it started snowing..and snowing... and snowing... and snowing..... and it basically never stopped until May!!! Let's have faith.....and say a little prayer to the snow gods!


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