Can also see History not Forecast?

  • pulauten
    pulauten op 10 Dezember 2018 · 22:07

    as a Pro member I can see the forecast for many days ahead. But is there a way to see the recent history too? Temperatures, snowfall, wind? That would be extremely useful when planning free rides ...
  • Ed48
    Ed48 op 15 Dezember 2018 · 23:10
    This is what Im looking at as well. Becasue one thing is forecast, another is how much snow was fallen in reality.

    Currently onthesnow showing the history which I found useful, but more precise would be to look at meteo-stations data.
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  • AdamStekl
    AdamStekl op 18 Dezember 2018 · 10:09
    @pulauten the best is to check actual data from weather stations, Austria has good net on (top left link)
  • cstrouth1
    cstrouth1 op 8 März 2019 · 08:31
    I agree. Adding to this site snow and weather history would be a great benefit.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 8 März 2019 · 08:42
    @pulauten @Ed48 @cstrouth1

    At the moment we have links to the closest weather stations on every ski area page
    (for example via lattea:

    and at the skiresort page
    (for example sestriere:

    It is on our wish list to have access to the real time data of the weather stations. Although we have an Open Data policy in Europe the majority of this data is not open available and very expensive to achieve.

    We are on it and do hope to embed the data in our website in the future, but at the moment we can only offer you the links.
    Sometimes links have been changed. In case a link doesn't work anymore.. let us know and we will fix this.

    Does this help?

    May the powder be with you.
  • elecas
    elecas op 14 März 2019 · 13:51
    In Tirol and south Tirol, you can check all those things here.
    It is an open web page that gives you access to the data of every weather station so you can see everything that has been recorded. Not all the stations measure every parameter but there a lot and you always can get info from the ones around.
    Is a very recommendable web and all the countries should have one...
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