gesucht: Wanted: All mountain skis for the ladies

  • hannabaerz
    hannabaerz op 29 Dezember 2019 · 18:46
    I am looking for all mountain skis for a beginning female off-piste adventurer.
    I am 170cm tall so the skis should have a length between 165cm and 170cm. Ideally, they are between 90mm and 100mm wide under the foot so they can also be used on the piste.
  • svenk
    svenk op 29 Dezember 2019 · 22:40
    Dag Hanna, i have a set K2 Potion 90 xTI woman ski's available with an almost new Tyrolia Attack 11 binding. My wife went for a more piste type of ski, I can sent you some pictures if you are interested.


    If in doubt, don't go out!
  • hannabaerz
    hannabaerz op 30 Dezember 2019 · 16:32
    Hi sven,

    How Long are the skis? If you could send some pictures, that would be great!
  • svenk
    svenk op 30 Dezember 2019 · 19:22
    Sent Pb
    If in doubt, don't go out!


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