Grosse Arnspitze - Saturday 16.03 - partner needed!

  • konrade
    konrade op 15 März 2013 · 17:40
    Hi Guys!
    I know that it's quite late, but I want to hit the Grosse Arnspitze (Scharnitz/Mittenwald) tommorow early morning and I'm looking someone with experience and necessary stuff (crampons, axe etc). I'm from Munchen, but we can meet in Scharnitz or I can pick up somebody on the way to.

  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 15 März 2013 · 20:39
    Arghh, will not able to make it. Would be great. Will be in the Alps though next week and the week after.
    May the powder be with you.
  • konrade
    konrade op 15 März 2013 · 22:11
    the weather looks great for tomorrow - full sun, low wind, avalanche risk level up to 2... looks like a one day blue bird maybe. what do you think morris?
    it won't be very wise but maybe i'll hit it alone then 😃
  • konrade
    konrade op 16 März 2013 · 10:31
    i passed today, so if the weather would be ok and someone would like to climb just a little bit then maybe next weekend 😃


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