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Born 1974, first skitrip 1984 and since than hooked on skiing, Skied like a lot of dutchies, parralel drift schwung, with closed legs and rotating upper body (very gay). It all changed with my first pair of purple/pink *(even gay-er) atomic 9.18 Carve Skies in 1998 (!). Thought i was a pretty good skiër and did the Anwärter ausbilding (kaprun) in nov 2000, which was posponed because of the Disaster/fire with the train. Found out i was pretty much shit in skiing after all, started to teach for ca 6 weeks per season ,skied every day participated in all the trainings and improved a lot. So did landes 1 in 2002 And found out that Atomic B-carve 9.20 a great for the "riezen torlauf" but is pretty hard work in the powder, but nobody skied on big mountain skies back than so what did i know.. This pretty much changed on my first trip with some Skizone (!) peoples (november 2003, mondial Les2alpes) Our belgium friend Siegie some how got us all press cards, with meant free skipass, drinks and the possibility to test skies, overnight it dumpt like a mother fokker, i was skiing on my new all-mountain skies, and was still skeptical for the need for bigger and wider because it would comprimize my piste skiing to much (what was i thinking ..doh!). In 2005 after going on an other skizone trip to Zinal, i tested some movement skies and after skiing Movement thunder and especially the Movement gladiator (!!) i was turned, i directly bought K2 seth visious after returning and rarely ever skied on a pist-ski since then.. :)

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