Swallow tail Pogo Secret Spot 183 cm

  • Viznou
    Viznou op 13 January 2015 · 22:20

    I am selling my Pogo Swallowtail Secret Spot

    It is in a great condition and has just been serviced by Ben Dietermann at the Pogo shop in Germany.

    At the moment the board is in Wengen, Switzerland but could be shipped in Europe.

    Price new-1149euros
    Selling price 675euros

    I sell it coz I ordered a custom pogo wingergun 189 in ultra light version.

    The board is amazing in powder and great on piste.

    The built quality is very high and POGO is considered as one of the best hand mades boards in Europe.
  • OsiriS
    OsiriS op 9 March 2015 · 06:05
    Pogo is already sold or not?

    - If not, could you send me some photos on ayganin@gmail.com ?
    - what year the board and how active it skated?
  • Viznou
    Viznou op 9 March 2015 · 09:14
    Hey, no its not sold yet
    Will send you pictures asap
    The board is about 8 years old.
    It was displayed in a shop in germany until last year when i bought it.
    It had never been used before and in total i rode it about 15 days
  • OsiriS
    OsiriS op 16 March 2015 · 07:29
    Hi! What about photos?
  • Viznou
    Viznou op 10 September 2015 · 19:38
    Up and new price: 600EUR


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