ABS recall

  • gluca
    gluca op 10 February 2015 · 22:47
    Hi folks

    anyone out there returned ABS backpack to the manufacturer? I sent mine to ABS beginning of january but I am still waiting the cartridge and handle to be shipped back ... I am wondering what is the turn around time you are experiencing for this recall. Kudos to ABS for the initiative but we are left in the middle of the season without that very important piece of equipment.

  • Herman
    Herman op 18 February 2015 · 14:09
    Hi Gluca,

    The dutch version of the site has this huge thread: http://wepowder.nl/forum/topic/105609

    It is rumoured (german news sources and online comments) that:

    The ABS recall involves 50'000 airbags,
    the german service center receives approximately 400-500 airbags per day,
    and they aim to have a turn-around time of 3 weeks from receiving the airbag and to shipping it out again.

    They give precedence to rescue workers, guides and other professional teams.

    Mine was shipped from .NL on January 7th and return delivery arrived the 30th, which seems about the median, with many receiving theirs within 3-4 weeks.
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  • Herman
    Herman op 18 February 2015 · 19:40
    Just published on Facebook:

    Dear ABS users,

    we are working very hard to return your ABS backpack to you as soon as possible. The recall is important to be able to guarantee a reliable activation. We would like to ask for your understanding and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    So far, we have checked around 20,000 ABS systems. 47 of these had been contaminated and have now been replaced.

    The supplier of our steel cartridges can not offer any method for cleaning the affected steel cartridges, which means that they need to be replaced by new ones. However, there is no means of scaling up production capacity to meet the full extent of demand, and this is currently resulting in a bottleneck in supplies of steel cartridges. This also explains the current processing time of around 4 weeks.

    More information about the recall can be found on our website and in this personal letter from

    Peter Aschauer, ABS' founder and CEO.

    Proud alumnus of the www.section8ski.com SLT programme - In order to be the best you must first lose your mind.
  • gluca
    gluca op 18 February 2015 · 19:52
    Hi Herman

    I received mine today, it took 4 weeks. Glad to see ABS is taking the issue so seriously.
  • MikeSPF
    MikeSPF op 22 February 2015 · 13:44
    hi everyone, I live in Munich. For me, it tooks three weeks. I sent mine to ABS beginning of January. cheers, mike


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