HIGH avalanche danger

By meteomorris on 15 December 2012 · 0

HIGH avalanche danger, the weststau will continue and warmer temperatures on the long term?


It's snowing pizzas at the Arlberg region at the moment. We expect around 15-30 cm of freshies today. It might be even more further west. Expect around 50 cm of freshies in the French Alps and the western parts of Switzerland. The avalanche danger is up to four (on a scale of five). The combination of stormy winds, high temperatures, rain and the current snow and dropping temperatures create an explosive backcountry cocktail.

This cocktail is already available in the Ecrins and the French southern Alps. There's a BIG (4) to VERY BIG (5) avalanche danger, because of the 50-120 cm of freshies the last two days.

Short term

The weststau will continue and a cold front will come in and will cause the snow line to drop to 1200-1500 meters. You can expect the most snow in the western stay regions of the French Alps, Switzerland and the Vorarlberg. I expect around 80 centimeter of freshies around the Mont Blanc and the Tarentaise till Monday. Further east this will be around 10-35 centimer. The Vorarlberg region will get some snow as well. The best conditions can be found in the Tarentaise and around the Mont Blanc. Pay attention to the rising avalanche danger!

HIGH avalanche danger
HIGH avalanche danger

Long term

The jet stream will continue and that causes dropping temperatures and snow in the Northern Alps until Thursday. The long term weather maps show a temperature rise after the 20th, but that's still pretty far away. It's great riding in the northwestern regions of the Alps till Wednesday.

Powder advice

Head to the forests of the French southern Alps to ride some powder today, but please keep the high avalanche danger in mind. You can find the best conditions in the forests of the French northern Alps, the western parts of Switzerland and the Vorarlberg. The sun can even come out in the Arlberg on Sunday!


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