Jetstream is on fire

By meteomorris on 17 December 2012 · 0

Stevens Pass
Stevens Pass

15-22 inch in the PNW already! Two storms are moving and conditions are improving. Even in Utah and Colorado.

Current conditions

The sunday storm brought 15-22 inches towards the PNW and it is still dumping in the coastal BC, the Cascades, Tahoe, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and interior BC. Even Utah will get its share today. This storm is tracking southeast and finally Northern Colorado will get their share. Snowlevels are dropping everywhere so don't forget your powder masks. The Cold smoke blower pow days are on.

Monday First Chair Alarm: The Cascades, Whistler, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Tahoe and Interior BC

Tuesday First Chair Alarm: Steamboat and the Cascades, Whistler, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Tahoe and Interior BC

Wednesday First Chair Alarm: Colorado, the Cascades and Coastal BC.

Check our snowmaps and you will get an idea of the energy moving in.

Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole

The Wednesday storm

There is a new major storm moving in Wednesday and will bring an additional 1 or 2 foot to the PNW and Coastal BC. At the same time the monday storm is hammering Colorado. I do expect the Wednesday storm to track southeast as from Thursday.

You don't want to miss this

Make sure you won't miss these storms.

Stay stoked



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