18 degrees Celcius in Chur

By meteomorris on 22 December 2012 · 0

A white and warm Christmas in the Alps
A white and warm Christmas in the Alps

It's getting warmer, and that's pretty good for the snowcover, but not if you're in the Alps right now

Current conditions

The riding was pretty good in the Alps the last couple of days. Freshies, cold temperatures and not too many people. But just when Christmas is approaching, so is warmer air..

Short term

The jetstream is north of the Alps and this gives the warmer air the possibility to invade the Alps with current from the south to southwest. The snowline right now is around 1000 meters and especially in the inneralpine valleys it might take to Sunday afternoon before the snowline and the freezing level will rise. The result is that the snowcover will get wet to an altitude of 2200-2500 meter, because it won’t be freezing there until Monday. Even though the most precipitation will fall as snow until 1800-2000 meters, it will be pretty wet below 2300 meter and you can find dry powder above 2500 meter. The strong wind will move the snow around and that’s not really helping.

The temperatures will rise up to 18 degrees Celsius in Chur on Monday. Let’s say you won’t find epic conditions if you’re in the Alps right now.

Temperatures on Christmas eve on 1300 meter altitude

A white Christmas?

Christmas Day is still pretty warm, but the first snow will arrive at the end of the day in the southern Alps. A second cold front will arrive on Boxing Day bringing snow to the western Alps. Expect the snowline to drop to 1200 meters.

What will happen after Boxing Day is not quite sure, because it’s all in the details. Let’s hope for a further drop of temperatures, with still a chance of the snowline to go up and down. We’ll see what will happen. More information on Monday. In the meantime, work on your tanline and as the Germans say: Weihnachtswetter, Tauwetter.

Stay stoked



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