Powder A-L-E-R-T

By meteomorris on 8 January 2013 · 0


The FWT stop in Revelstoke is on hold. Why? Because it's dumping. Since Saturday it's snowing in the PNW and Canadian Rockies and there is more to come. I would say it's time for a powder A-L-E-R-T.

At the moment it's snowing in the Canadian Rockies. Strong Southwest winds will add an extra 2-5 inches/10-15 cms of snow. More intense will be the snowfalls during noon. A significant storm is expected to hit the PNW and Canadian Rockies and even Montana and Wyoming. Expect up to 7 inches/20 cm new snow by the end of the day and another 7-14 inches/20-30 cms overnight. These snowfalls will continue on Wednesday as the storm is tracking southeast.

Are we going for this?
Are we going for this?

Powder advice

West (PNW and Canadian/US Rockies)

Tuesday and Wednesday intense snowfalls. You may expect 10-16 inches/30-50 cms during the complete period. Temperatures will drop immense when the cold sector will be moving in on Wednesday. It looks to be sunny and dry on Thursday and Friday. Good news for the FWT stop in Revelstoke. First chair alarms though for Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning.


Last weekend I announced a foot of fresh snow for Wednesday-Friday and it looks like this will come true. The cold sector will be pushing colder air towards Tahoe and the first flurries are expected for Wednesday afternoon. Since it;s colder there is less moisture, but the orographic effects ad the cold air will add some extra inches. Higher up I do expect 5-10 inches even a foot of rather cold smoke blower pow.


No fresh powder until Thursday so you'd better save your money for better days to come. Jetstream is turning northwest and bringing an new storm in. Upper air temperatures will be really cold and if the lake effect could add some extra moisture to this storm, than this might be a good one. All depending on the track this storm will follow. I expect 7-15 inches possibly up to 22 inches in the snowmagnets. Some extra sugar will be added during the weekend


The storm that arrives today in the PNW is expected in Colorado on Thursday. First snow is expected in the southern mountains as the warm sector moves in. Friday snowfalls continues in the Southern mountains (expect up to 1 foot) but it will remain dry in the west and north. But the cold sector is moving, wind will turn northwest and snow is finally coming to the rest of the State from Friday to Saturday. I expect 4-12 inches. Especially the snowmagnets will go for some extra sugar.

Get your first chair!
Get your first chair!

First Chair Alarms

Monday: Ice Coast

Tuesday: first chair in Cascades, Whistler, South Colombia, Selkirks etc..

Wednesday: first chair in Cascades and Whistler, South Colombia, Selkirks etc.. Montana and Wyoming

Thursday: first chair in Tahoe, Cascades and Whistler, South Colombia, Selkirks etc.. Montana and Wyoming

Friday: first chair in Tahoe, Utah, San Juan Mountains

Saturday: first chair in Utah, San Juan Mountains, Northern and Western Colorado, New Mexico

Stay stoked



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