It's ON in the South

By meteomorris on 11 January 2013 · 0

Powder smiles
Powder smiles

Friday 7.15 AM.

Time is ticking. The FWT stop in Revelstoke will be on live stream today (9.00am). The storm is tracking South East and sun wil come through in the North. At the moment it started to snow in the San Juan Mountains and Utah. And it's still snowing in Wyoming. As the storm is tracking South East snow is expected this afternoon in Northern and Western Colorado.

Powder advice

West (PNW and Canadian/US Rockies)

Snowfalls eased out, avalanche danger has gone back to 3 and a lot of resorts have been tracked already. Although there are still some spots to be found within the boundary in some resorts and on some skihills. If you decide to go slackcountry or backcountry make sure you have the proper knowledge, skills and gear to do so. A new storm might be moving in on Tuesday.


Some last flurries, but maily the snowfalls has eased out. There are still some untracked spots to be found within the boundary in some resorts and on some skihills but most resorts have been tracked out completely. No fresh snow to expect in the near future. Head North if you are a powder addict.


It's ON. The storm has arrived and today we will see continuing snowfalls during the day. There is very cold air moving in. And with cold I mean really cold. Jetstream has turned northwest and the upper air temperatures are really cold. It looks like the lake effect will add some extra moisture to this storm, so this will be a good one. I expect 8-16 inches possibly up to 2 feet in the snowmagnets. Some extra sugar will be added during the weekend. After the weekend it will be dry and sunny.


It's On in the San Juan Mountains already this morning. Today snowfalls will continue in the Southern mountains (expect up to 1 foot). As the cold sector is moving by noon, wind will turn northwest and snow is finally coming to the rest of the State from Friday to Saturday. I expect 4-12 inches. Especially the snowmagnets will go for some extra sugar. After the weekend it will be dry and sunny.

First Chair Alarms

Friday: first chair in Wyoming, Montana, Utah and San Juan Mountains

Saturday: first chair in Utah, San Juan Mountains, Northern and Western Colorado, New Mexico

Sunday: search for powder

Monday: backcountry touring or staring at the weathercharts for a new storm to come

Tuesday: Cascades?, Coastal BC?, Canadian Rockies?

Stay stoked



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