Powder for the Southern Alps

By meteomorris on 13 January 2013 · 0

Ovronnaz through [Powfinder](http://www.salomonfreeski.com/fr/minisites/powfinder/?intcmp=freeski_MEAhomesmall_minisite-powfinder_fw11-12) app
Ovronnaz through [Powfinder](http://www.salomonfreeski.com/fr/minisites/powfinder/?intcmp=freeski_MEAhomesmall_minisite-powfinder_fw11-12) app

Wow, loads of reports came in through Powfinder on Saturday. We are integrating these on our wePowder website to make sure you can follow them on your desktop. This is still a beta-version, but it gives you an idea.

Really cool to see all these reports coming in. They provide me with actual data I can use in my forecasts. Don't hesitate to download our new powfinder app for iPhone and Android and share your reports.

Montafon via [Powfinder](http://www.salomonfreeski.com/fr/minisites/powfinder/?intcmp=freeski_MEAhomesmall_minisite-powfinder_fw11-12) app
Montafon via [Powfinder](http://www.salomonfreeski.com/fr/minisites/powfinder/?intcmp=freeski_MEAhomesmall_minisite-powfinder_fw11-12) app

Cold Smoke Blower Pow

The upper air masses that came in where cold enough to generate some cold smoke blower pow since there was still a lot of moisture around the Alps. This rare combination of moisture and cold air brought us higher snow ammounts than expected by the models. The reason is the so called Snow-Water equivalent. Normally these is around 1 mm of Rain stands for 1 cm of Snow (1:10). But sometimes (cold air + moisture) this lays much higher. And there are situations where 1 mm of water stands for 3 cm of snow. And exactly that's why I announced a cold smoke blower pow alert fot this weekend.

It was crowderd in Haldigrat
It was crowderd in Haldigrat

Short term

A new storm is finding it;s way to the Alps causing a so called Genua low. There for Powderalert#14 will be for the Southern Alps.

Genua low
Genua low

First snow is expected on Sunday in the Southern Piemonte (Limone Piemonte) and Southern Alps east. Snowfalls will expand towards the southern resorts of Tirol, the Engadin and Southern Alps Central. Snowfalls will intensify on Tuesday before a new front moves in. The Alps will be in between two fronts on Wednesday causing snow in the French and Southern Alps. But beware, stormtracks in the Mediterannee are hard to predict and the exact track might still shift during the next hours/days. Stay tuned for my updates.

Go South!

But you'd better wait another day! No fresh snow has been fallen in The Southern Alps since december and they might need some freshies before taking off. It will be on as of Tuesday. Resorts with trees will be the best options since the snowfalls will be intens and during a long period.

Powderforecast untill Wednesday


Sunday: Powder to be found in the trees of the Northern (French) Alps

Monday: Hold your horses. There is snow falling in the South but we need some extra before taking off.

Tuesday: Karinthia, Sud-Tirol and the Dolomites

Wednesday: Karinthia, Sud-Tirol, the Dolomites and the French Alps

Thursday: Piemonte?

Stay stoked



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