Fresh snow Carinthia, the Dolomites and Slovenia

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Tignes through Powfinder
Tignes through Powfinder

A lot of local reports came in yesterday. The reports showed that there are lots of freshies and combined with the bluebird conditions that resulted in some very nice photos! We’re working hard to integrate the reports on the wePowder website. If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, don’t forget the download the new Powfinder application for iPhone or Android (if you don’t have it already) and share you’re snow reports with the community.

Southstau is on

The first snow reached the southern Alps from the southwest yesterday. This resulted in some centimeters in the southern Alps and the southern Piemonte. There was plenty of new snow on the boarder of Karinthia, Italy and Slovenia, especially during the night from Sunday to Monday. They had 20 centimeter on average, but around 40 centimeter around the Karinthischer Alpen. But mind you, this snow has fallen on an old snow cover and doesn’t bond very well with the existing snow cover.

It will keep snowing in the southern Alps today and tomorrow. The most snow will fall in the Dolomites, Karinthia and Slovenia. It’s also snowing in Süd-Tiriol and the south of Tirol. The snowline is between 200-400 meters and you can expect 20-50 centimeters. And that might just be more because the air at higher altitude is extremely cold.

Fresh snow till Thursday
Fresh snow till Thursday

Powderadvice to Thursday

You’ll find the best snow in resorts southeast of the main alpine ridge till Thursday. Resorts such as Nassfeld, Forni di Sopra, but also resorts such as Tarvisio and Selle Nevea (thanks to Francesco del Fabbro for sharing!). Expect the snow to fall deep into the valleys in those resorts. You can also head for the resorts in the Dolomites, South-Tirol and the south of Tirol.

From Thursday

Yesterday I wrote: But beware, stormtracks in the Mediterannee are hard to predict and the exact track might still shift during the next hours/days. Stay tuned for my updates. And that is still the case. Minimal shifts can make a difference between a huge dump or not even a single flake.

According to the latest measurements the future looks like this. You’ll have to be in the south east until Wednesday. But the scenario is changing from Tuesday afternoon. A new low pressure area is moving to the Alps from the northwest. This will cause a northwest stau in the French northern Alps resulting in 10-30 centimeters of freshies. Once it reaches the Golf of Genua it will turn into a Genoa Low. The core will be southeast of the main Alpine ridge. It will turn into a Adria Low ad from Thursday. It will snow in all the eastern regions in the Alps, and there might even be a east to northeast stau from Thursday.

Adria-Low at the end of this week?
Adria-Low at the end of this week?

If this will be the scenario, then PowderAlert #15 will be on Wednesday and you’ll find great powder in Karinthia, Steiermark and the Salzburgerland on Thursday. But more on that later this week. First to Nassfeld, Forni di Sopra, Tarvisio and Sella Nevea.

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