Some freshies before it will get dry

By meteomorris on 14 February 2013 · 0

Great conditions in the Tre Valli (Italy)
Great conditions in the Tre Valli (Italy)

Last week

PowderAlert #20 brought the Alps a lot of powder. Especially the Isère and Savoie (40-70 cm), the French southern Alps (40-70 cm) and the Alpi di Giulia (40-90 cm) got a lot of freshies. And with 35-65 cm the Piemonte, Lombardia, Trentino and the south of Karinthia couldn’t complain either. After this snowfall in the west and in the south, the northern Alps got around 20-40 centimeters of freshies. PowderAlert #20 was one to remember. Well, as long as you weren’t riding in the inneralpine regions of the Savoie and Oberwallis, cause they got around 5-10 centimeters. Hey, better luck next time! We love the way you keep sending all those reports in the Powfinder app. Keep them coming!

Short term

A high pressure area is dominating the weather in the Alps today, but not for long. A new depression is waiting around the corner to bring new freshies. It will hit the French Alps first. Higher clouds are coming in and they will get thicker and thicker. The first signs that it soon will start snowing. It will start snowing in the French northern Alps this night and that will expand into other parts of the northern Alps tomorrow. The depression is coming from the northwest, so I expect the most snow in the northern Swiss alpine ridge and the Vorarlberg. You can expect around 30 centimeters in the stau regions. The other parts of the northern Alps can expect 5-20 centimeters. It will stay dry in the southern Alps.

The sun will come out in the west on Saturday, but the snow will still be falling in the eastern regions of the northern Alps till Sunday. After that, it will be sunny in the entire Alps. And it will be sunny for quite a while.

Powder Advice

  • Friday: the northern Swiss alpine ridge and the Vorarlberg

  • Saturday: Vorarlberg

  • Sunday: go out for a little tour!

Long term

No snow till Tuesday (this could be an awesome Beastie Boys lyric by the way). You don’t have to expect any significant snowfall till next weekend. Enjoy the powder the next two days!

Stay stoked



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