40 cm of cold smoke blower pow

By meteomorris on 21 February 2013 · 0

Snow for the south the next four days!
Snow for the south the next four days!

The northstau regions of the Salzburgerland, Steiermark and Niederösterreich received some cold blower pow since Tuesday evening. A lot of resorts received up to 40 centimeters of freshies and the quality of the snow is really good. Like champaign powder. And that quality seems to be the standard this season! Especially the snow that fell on Wednesday was light and fluffy. The north stau delivered, just as expected. It delivered around 20-40 centimeters in the northstau regions of the resorts in the east and around 5-15 centimeter in the other regions of the northern Alps. Nordbünden in Switzerland and the Vorarlberg/Kleinwalsertal got even more than I expected (20 centimeters instead of 10 centimeters). The snowmaps had some trouble predicting the right amounts of snow. This is because the snow/water equivalent in this really cold snow. One millimeter of water results in this case in 1,5-2 centimeters of snow. The snowmaps are getting better and better, but sometimes nature takes over!

Powder advice

Thursday and Friday: First chair in the northstau regions of the Salzburgerland, Steiermark and Niederösterreich. Resorts such as Hochkar, Hinterstoder, Tauplitz, Loser, Krippenstein, Lofer andFieberbrunn got around 20-40 centimeters of freshies. The other regions of the northern Alps got 5-15 centimeters, except for Nordbünden and the Vorarlberg and Kleinwalsertal (up to 20 centimeters). The avalanche danger will probably be three out of five (check your local avalanche bulletin!).

Attention: the snow in the south is delayed!

The low pressure area is moving south at the moment and this will result in the second part of PowderAlert #21. It started with snow in the north and will end with snow in the south. But there’s a slight delay. A whole tribe of low pressure areas is battling above the Mediterrenean for a good position to hit the Alps. This battle takes a little more time than expected and the snow will fall in phases.

The fist phase has started and it snowing right now in the Piemonte. It’s pretty cold and the snowline is around 300 meters. The first mountains in this region will receive the most snow (because of the low temperature). The snowfall is moving to the east later today. The last snow will fall on Friday. I expect more snow than the maps predict (because of the cold temperatures), but you can expect 5-15 centimeters of freshies and 15-30 centimeters around the Mt. Viso and Gran Paradiso/Monte Rosa. This might just be enough (or not), because they haven’t seen any freshies in a while. You can expect the most snow in Prali.

It will be pretty much dry on Saturday, but the low pressure areas are almost finishing their battle so the fireworks will start soon. They’ll join forces in the Golf of Genua during the night of Saturday to Sunday and it will be ON!

The Genua-low will be ready on Saturday night!
The Genua-low will be ready on Saturday night!

You can expect a shitload of snow from Saturday evening till Monday in the Italian Piemonte (southern Alps west). You can expect around 40-90 centimeters in 48 hours, locally even 120 centimeters. And that might be even more, because the Po-valley is full of surprises. The sun should come out after that. The French western Alps will experience really cold temperatures (like really cold), so time to wear that nice down jacket!

Powder advice: extend your weekend!

The best regions to ride till Saturday evening are the northstau resorts in the Salzburgerland, Steiermark and Niederösterreich. You’ll definitely will find freshies in the smaller resorts and the snow for the south is delayed. You might have a great day on Saturday in Prali, but keep in mind that the base is pretty thin here. You’ll hit the jackpot by Sunday. 48 hours powder galore! Extend your weekend and enjoy the powder on Monday and Tuesday. High pressure areas will dominate the northern Alps next week and low pressure areas the southern Alps, so if you want to ride powder, that’s the place where you want to be!

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