20-40 cm of fresh powder in the Piemonte

By meteomorris on 28 February 2013 · 2

[Sauze d'Oulx](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway) this morning
[Sauze d'Oulx](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway) this morning

The satellite image below perfectly shows what is happening in the Alps at the moment. It’s sunny in most parts of the Alps and you can spot the mountains covered with snow. And that basicly means there aren’t any clouds. You can also spot the clouds north of the Alps and some clouds above Carinthia, that are dropping some last flakes. The most interesting region for us powderchasers is the region that is marked by the blue arrow. The eastern current is pushing humid air through the Po-valley towards the Alps. This air is forced to go up (stau) and as a result it is snowing big time. So, if you want to ride freshies the next couple of days, head over to the southern Alps west (this is the Piemonte).

Snow in the Piemonte
Snow in the Piemonte

Big differences

Words are silver, images are gold. Or white and blue in this case. Check out how sunny it is today in the western and northern Alps.

Sun in Verbier
Sun in Verbier

Sun in Gerlos
Sun in Gerlos

Sun in Ischgl
Sun in Ischgl

Sun in La Plagne
Sun in La Plagne

The sun is dominating the Alps right now, but there’s one little region that is resisting against the upcoming rising temperatures. It’s snowing in the Piemonte today and they already got between 20-40 centimeters. I forecasted this yesterday and this is reality today.

Snow in [Clavière](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway)
Snow in [Clavière](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway)

Snow in Sauze d'Oulx

Snow in Prali

Be there now!

But the warmer temperatures are moving in. We were treated the last couple of weeks with cold temperatures and cold smoke blower pow, but this is about to change.

Powder advice, what to do?

  1. Chose on of the four regions that had lots of snow the last couple of days. That are the southern Alps west, southern Alps central, southern Alps east of northern Alps east.

  2. Pick some features in the selector that you want the resort to have, such as trees, secret, etc, and you’ll see some suggestions.

  3. If you don’t know where to go by then, don’t hesitate and ask where to go in the comments. I’m more than happy to help you! If you want freshies, go for the southern Alps west. It's the only region that has got freshies the last 24 hours (20-40 cm) and where it’s still snowing right now.

It was puking in the[Piemonte](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway/conditions)
It was puking in the[Piemonte](http://wepowder.com/playgrounds/milkyway/conditions)

Long term

You can read my analysis for the long term here. It will be warm in the week of 2-9 March. You can notice that immediately in the western and northern Alps. The current is moving to the southwest and that means a chance for snow for the southwestern stau regions (French southern Alps, Piemonte, south of the Monte Rosa). It will probably snow in the Engadin and the inneralpine regions around the Italian/Austrian main alpine ridge. But only if the fronts can reach that far. What will happen after that (after March the 8th) is uncertain. Some models predict a northwest stau, but other models are predicting ‘The Return Of The High Pressure Areas’. And yes, that sounds like a bad movie.

Conclusions for the week of March 2nd-9th

You’re biggest chances for powder this weekend will be in the four regions mentioned above. You’ll have to search for powder though. It might snow in the Piemonte and French southern Alps on Tuesday(night). The snowline will drop temporarily, but will rise again later (to 1500-1800 meters). There will be a föhn in the northern Alps and French northern Alps and it will be dry, maybe some precipitation at the end of the week, especially in the main alpine ridge.

Stay stoked



  • Anders
    Anders op 1 March 2013 · 12:51
    Hi, I see that some forecasts for the period 7-12th of March is looking pretty good in the southwest of the French and Italian Alps! Do you have any suggestions on where to go for best powder in that period? Thanks. Anders
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 3 March 2013 · 17:47
    @Anders 5-8 march you should go to the Southern French Alps or the western/southern Italian Piemonte. As of the 10th it looks like there will be fresh powder in the Northern Alps. More details to come. Check also my blog of today: http://wepowder.com/weblog/4262/A-rather-warm-powder-alert%2323...

    May the powder be with you.


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