Snow for Tahoe and....

By meteomorris on 5 March 2013 · 0

Snow for Tahoe and Oregon on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Nothern Rockies will see snow on Thursday. Arizona, Southern Utah and the San Juan as of Friday and the Wasatch and Colorado Saturdaynight.

Tahoe and Southern Cascades

A new storm is moving in from the west into Oregon and Tahoe. Significant snow is expected in Tahoe and the southern Cascades on Wednesday (1-2 feet). Most of the snow is expected North of the Lake though. Snow is expected to taper off on Thursday evening.

Northern Rockies, including the Lizard Range and Kootenay Boundary

This storm system will track Northeast towards Idaho. Northern Utah and Wyoming (Tetons) on Thursday. Snowfalls might get heavy, but the exact locations are still hard to forecast.

BC, excluding the Lizard Range and Kootenay Boundary

No significant snow on the maps.

Arizona, Southern Utah, Wasatch and the San Juan mountains

New moisture is moving over Arizone on Friday and is expected to move towards the Wasatch range. As usual the eastern aspects are favoured with a southern Flow. All regions might expect up to 1-2 feet from Friday till Sunday. But.... This system is extremely complicated, so details might shift concerning the Wasatch the next few days. Finally Colorado will see the clouds moving into the San Juan. My biggest concern? The higher snow levels. But hey, there is snow.

Western and Northern Colorado

As the cold sector moves in on Saturday snow will shift form the Southern ranges towards the Northern exposures. Heavy snow is expected in central and northern Colorado.

Ice Coast

New storm is moving in for a late winter alert. But the latest charts do you show a lot of warm air so snow might be to heavy for a real alert. More details to come.

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