PowderAlert #24, the northstau is coming!

By meteomorris on 12 March 2013 · 2

It's snorkel time again!
It's snorkel time again!

Boy, has this been going slow or what? The cold air is moving to the Alps at a slow pace. Tuesday will be the last warm day in the Alps and then….BAM. Northstau! It will be on in the northern Alps on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. PowderAlert #24 turned out to be a cliffhanger you normally see in the movies. From a northweststau to southstau and back to a northstau again. But it’s finally coming!

Still too warm in the Alps on Tuesday
Still too warm in the Alps on Tuesday

Tuesday will start with precipitation in the western Alps and southern Alps. The flurries will be pretty isolated and it won’t rain or snow that much. The snowline will be around 1300 meters and it might snow a little more in the stauregions of the Engadin and the eastern Dolomites. It’s an indication for the colder temperatures to come. The low pressure area that’s moving from France to the Mediterranean won’t be hanging around above the Gulf of Genua too long, but it will move to the east rapidly. This will open the doors for the colder air from the north and we can start with the countdown!

Some cold air coming in. Yes please!

We checked out the föhn charts as well to verify the arrival of colder air and bingo! PowderAlert #24 is as certain as the fact that you won’t find any snowboarders on the slopes of Alta! The northstau is coming in! The northstau will be on from Wednesday to Friday. Start your engines and wax up. It will snow deep into the valleys. Go out there, cause you’ll never know if this will be the last time this winter.

Oh yeah, north stau coming in!
Oh yeah, north stau coming in!


It will be on from Thurday. It will be very cold and it will snow a lot between Wednesday and Friday. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect combination? Especially the northern stau regions of Austria and Switzerland and the north stau regions in the French Alps can expect a lot of snow. Don’t rush it and let the fluffy white stuff come down first. You don’t need to be in the Alps till Thursday. Wax up, get your stuff together and be ready for colder temperatures and powder. I’ll give you more details where to go exactly in the update that’s following on Wednesday morning. Think regions as the Arlberg, Central Switzerland (Engelberg), the Berner Oberland, the northern stau regions in Tirol and the Salzburgerland (such as Fieberbrunn where the waiting period of the FWT is probably used well, Zauchensee and Obertauern). In France you’ll have to think about going to the resorts in the Chablais and the northstau regions in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie. But as I said, more details tomorrow!

And hey, we almost forgot our Italian friends in the Dolomites! They can expect a lot of freshies in the eastern Dolomites on Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s hope that the wind from the north won’t be too strong.

PowderAlerts for:

The föhn wind from the south will kick in again on Saturday afternoon. A low pressure area from the west will cause the wind to turn southwest during the night of Saturday to Sunday and it will start snowing in the French southern Alps. Like they didn’t had enough snow this season already!

More details on Wednesday morning!

Stay stoked



  • albi
    albi op 12 March 2013 · 10:03
    Hey Morris. Engelberg is Central Switzerland, not Berner Oberland.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 12 March 2013 · 10:08
    @Albi, thanks. Will change this!
    May the powder be with you.


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