Fresh powder....again!

By meteomorris on 20 March 2013 · 5

[Les 4 Vallees]( today via Powfinder
[Les 4 Vallees]( today via Powfinder

I just love powder. I search for it, ride it and share it. But I care even more about snow safety. Ever since the first powder forecast (and that was about nine years ago) I’m sharing my knowledge about snow, weather, avalanches and safety. And today is another mile stone in the safety awareness for freeriders. We’re launching the first Avalanche Service widget. It gives you easy access to the latest avalanche bulletins in the Alps, the Pyrenees, Scandinavia and North America. How it works? Check it out below!The good thing about it: you can use it on your own website. It's really easy to embed. You'll find the code here. We take snow safety serious. Since the beginning and definitely in the future. And that's widely noticed by great and passionate websites like and


It’s snowing again in the Montafon. I’m in Gargellen with my kids (6 and 8 years old) for a week. We did some really nice lines together! The Nidla line was a bit too muh for them, so we didn’t do that, but ski route Rinderhütte was still untracked and somebody had to do the job. A snow front came in later the day, and there wasn’t any visibility anymore, so it was time to down into the valley for their first beacon training. With some luck, we’ll find another 10 centimeters of freshies on the mountain tomorrow.

First beacon training
First beacon training

Thursday morning: 10-15 cm of freshies in the northwest stau regions

As I said on Wednesday: “The most snow will come down in the northwest stau regions. You can expect 15 centimeters of freshies from Wednesday afternoon till Thursday morning”. Wake up early on Thursday. It will snow a bit longer in the east of Austria and it will snow all day there. They can expect another 10 centimeters, this might be even more locally. The sun is already out in the western parts of the Alps.

Powder advice Thursday

For freshies (10-20 cm)

The regions in the south will get some freshies (but only a couple of centimeters) as well during the night of Wednesday to Thursday. But hey, there’s a shitload of snow from PowderAlert #25 and you still van find plenty of powder on north faces. It’s pretty much powder everywhere. In Zinal as well. The first Belgian Freeride Championships are on in Zinal from Thursday and our Belgian friends from Skisluts are the big drivers behind this event. Well done guys!

Zinal got some freshies during PowderAlert #25 and some extra dust will come down this night. You can expect 2-7 centimeters. The wind will make sure that it will look like more than that. It’s sunny on Friday, just like in the rest of the Alps. The temperatures will rise significantly.

Föhn Chart is showing PowderAlert #26
Föhn Chart is showing PowderAlert #26

Long term

Friday will be pretty warm and the freezing level will rise above 2000 meters. This is an indication that a new front is doming in from the south west. The temperature will rise even further in the northern Alps on Saturday, but it will drop in the southern Alps, because of the coming north stau. The low pressure area will head south. And this will result in the first snow around Courmayeur and the Monte Rosa on Saturday. The precipitation will expand into the French Alps (and the rest of the southern Alps) on Sunday.

A high pressure area north of the Alps will cause cold air to come into the Alps from the northeast. A low pressure area above the Mediterrenean will bring the humidity. You’ll do the math. Freshies for the southern Alps. There’s also a slight chance for snow in the northern Alps, The details might shift a bit the next couple of days, but PowderAlert #26 is ready to rumble. Can we reach thirty PowderAlerts this season? It’ll be a record!

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