A retour d'est is coming

By meteomorris on 3 April 2013 · 0

PowderAlert #2. Will it ever stop?
PowderAlert #2. Will it ever stop?

It’s hard to keep track this winter. We normally see some periods in March and April where it’s a little bit warmer, with some sunshine and all that stuff that indicate that spring is around the corner. But not this winter. It just keeps going and going. Even though a lot of resorts are closing their lifts after Easter, there’s a small group of resorts that are resisting to the ultimately inevitable arrival of spring by keeping their lifts open for us freeriders. Par Toutatis!

Which resorts will still be open the next six weeks? Check out this article. You’ll notice you don’t have that many options left after April 14th, but you still have plenty at the moment. You might suggest going to the Piemonte, where they can expect another 20-50 centimeters the next 48 hours. And their still are plenty of resorts open in Austria, where I expect 2-15 centimeters of freshies today.

Balkanlow Fery
Balkanlow Fery

Short term

A low pressure area above the Balkan named Fery is bringing a retour d’est. The result? Snow in the western and southern Piemonte. Please keep in mind that a lot of resorts in the Piemonte are closing their lifts, but resorts like the Milky Way and Prali are still open.

It’s striking how much snow came down in the northern regions in Italy the last month. Locally they had over two to three times more than normal for the month March. And PowderAlert #28 will bring some extra freshies.

Much more snow than usual
Much more snow than usual

It will start snowing in the Piemonte on Thursday and the precipitation will reach its climax during the night from Thursday to Friday. The snow line will be around 1500 meters and will drop eventually. The sun will come out on Friday and it will be sunny on Saturday. You might expect another ten centimeters in the Piemonte on Sunday. Some snow in the rest of the Alps as well.


Southern Alps west: Friday-Saturday-Sunday (northern faces and larch forests are your best pick)

Other regions: search for powder (as in: hike for a line or go touring)

Long term

Winter should come to an end when you have a look at the calendar, and it’s definitely gone in the valleys. Nevertheless will the temperature be below the yearly average the next couple of days. The weather is still unstable and there might be chances on significant snowfall the next weeks. Especially the southern Alps might hit the jackpot again.

The weather maps are showing two big spring attacks, but winter will kick their ass will some cold air coming in from the north. But….it’s all pretty uncertain what will happen exactly. Spring is around the corner, but just doesn’t have the guts to enter the building. We’ll see what happens next week!

Enjoy the freshies in the Piemonte this weekend!

Stay stoked



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