Snow for the higher alpine

By meteomorris on 4 October 2013 · 0

Snow for the higher alpine
Snow for the higher alpine

It snowed a little bit in the higher alpine at the beginning of this week. The snowline was around 2500-3000 meter, but was even lower locally. After that short period of winter, the sun came out again and some valleys were filled with clouds as a result. A clear example of inversion weather, that marks the transition from summer to winter. The highest peaks will disappear in the clouds again this weekend.

There's some room for instable air above the Alps (between a high pressure area above the Atlantic and a high pressure area above Mother Russia). Add to that that the Po-valley has cooled down (especially in the upper air stream) due to an eastern current and there are plenty of ingredients (warm humid air from the west and cold dry air from the east) available to create a dish we all like: snow.

Different pressures above Europe
Different pressures above Europe

It will snow especially on Saturday and the night from Saturday to Sunday. You can expect 20-40 centimeters of freshies on the glaciers. And this snow will stay there whole winter. In pretty much all the other cases the sun is still too strong. It will become less strong in about two weeks. So....Winter is around the corner!

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