PowderAlert #3 The Genua low

By meteomorris on 13 November 2013 · 3


The first Genua Low of this winter is on its way…and that means snow for the southern Alps. A corridor in which cold air will go south will grow between a high pressure area above the Atlantic and an high pressure area that's moving east. This cold air is heading for the Gulf of Genua. The result? The air pressure will drop to 1000 hPa and the air will be really cold at high altitude. The water temperature of the Mediterrenean on the other hand is still between 16 and 20 degrees. This combination will get the party started! Just after PowderAlert #2, it will start snowing really intense in the southern Alps on Friday!

The red L is the Genua low
The red L is the Genua low

Snow in the south means a Föhn wind in the north. The northern Alps are facing a dry and sunny weekend. But that's after it snowed and rained in the night from Thursday to Friday. This will result in around 5-10 centimeters of snow above 2000 meters, except in the Swiss northern alpine ridge and the first Alps in the French Savoie, where the front will bring around 15-30 centimeters of freshies. That's nothing compared to what I'm expecting in the southern Alps. Once it reaches the Po-valley it reactivates, it will gain force and it will snow heavily between Thursday night and Saturday evening. Areas that can expect the most snow are Sulden (think Sulden and Passo Tonale), the Monte Rosa and the Simplon (Alagna & Co, but of course the resorts in southern Wallis as well), the resorts around the Gran Paradiso and the resorts around the Mt. Viso (think of the Queyras, Milky Way, Pila).

The sun will come out on Sunday. Except in the southern Piemonte, where it will probably snow on Sunday as well. You can expect 60-90 centimeters in heavy precipitation areas until Sunday.

wePowder [snowmaps](http://wepowder.nl/forecast)
wePowder [snowmaps](http://wepowder.nl/forecast)

Where to go?

It's on like Donkey Kong in parts of the Alps on Saturday. We'll give you an overview tomorrow on where to go this weekend.


Or are waiting for PA#4? It will get cold again next week and more snow is on its way to the Alps! So, what will it be? This weekend powder? Or next weekend powder! More tomorrow!

Stay stoked




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