Run for the avalanche chamois! Run!

By Arjen on 6 December 2013 · 0

You've probably seen them when you're hiking or touring in the backcountry. Chamois. Playfully jumping up and down on faces steep as can be. The kind of faces where normal human beings like you and I will be freefalling. A chamois basicly always travels in the backcountry. I've never seen a chamois on the slopes. But even though it's always in the backcountry, I've never seen them wearing an avalanche beacon, a shovel or a probe. Maybe the avalanche beacon doens't fit them, or they still have to follow a course for proper shovel techniques.

Sixth Sense?

Maybe chamois have a sixth sense for alpine dangers. Or well developed physical skills. Probably the latter. Run chamois! Run!


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