PowderAlert #10 is on its way!

By meteomorris on 9 January 2014 · 5

It's snowing right now in Revelstoke. Business as usual over here, but many, many resorts in the Alps would die for snowfall like this. I enjoyed myself in the powder today. The maps for the Alps are going in the right direction. It looks like that I'm back in Europe right in time for the snow to come. I'm talking about January the 13th for a while. And that date is still standing. This forecast won't be about the stuff that will happen during the weekend. If you're interested in that, check out yesterdays forecast. You'll find plenty of advices where to find the best snow. But you better hold your horses, because Monday the 13th will mark the start of PowderAlert #10!

Change from the west
Change from the west

It's only Thursday and we've got a couple of days to go, so the details might change a bit. But, this is what I think will happen. Cold and humid air will arrive in the Alps on Monday. And once again, it comes in from the west to southwest. That means snow for the western and southern Alps. That means that the northern Alps, that desperately need a big dump, are missing out. Again. Don't shoot the messenger, but winter has got its eye on the south this season. Check out the analysis of the three regions in the Alps below.

Western Alps

The west is hit by cold air and snow on the 13th. You can expect 20-50 centimeters, maybe even more. The snowline will drop from 1600 to 900 meters. It’s not quite clear what will happen after Wednesday, but there will be plenty of freshies. Please take care and ride with your head, the snowcover is full with problems.

Western Alps
Western Alps

Southern Alps

This is the part with the thickest snowcover in the Alps. Especially in the inneralpine regions the snow is really good and there’s more to come. The latest maps are showing circling low pressure areas above or south of the Alps and that means more snow. Next week the southern Alps will have a big chance of snow with a snowline between 1100 and 1400 meters. This is the season of pasta and powder.

Southern Alps
Southern Alps

Northern Alps

What will happen in the northern Alps. Will they get any snow this season….Well, it will snow in the end, somewhere, sometime, but not right now. And that’s bad news. The snowcover is extremely thin, there are many problems In the snowcover and all the Föhn storms didn’t treat the snow well either. The Föhn will drop after the 15th. Any snow after that? Time will tell….

Northern Alps
Northern Alps

If there are any significant changes, there will be a next update on Friday. If not, than you'll see me coming in again with changes that are worth mentioning.

Stay stoked and ride with your head,



  • Powdernick
    Powdernick op 9 January 2014 · 09:33
    What can i say, it's definitely paying to live in the south this year.
    Ski ya later.
  • KlasRydstrand
    KlasRydstrand op 9 January 2014 · 14:30
    Jesus! My thoughts go out to the our poor friends-in-pow who will (try to) ski the North this season. Forecast after forecast, snowfall after snowfall....
  • shreddy_krueger
    shreddy_krueger op 9 January 2014 · 14:45
    OMG, why is it always snowing in the south this season, crap i guess i have to travel 😞
  • DzaemanDzulkifli
    DzaemanDzulkifli op 12 January 2014 · 10:24
    I Was over in the Glarus region last week and it looked depressing. I was slowly giving up hope until i crossed the tunnel to the Ticine area yesterday and it really looked like winter! the snow was old but at least it wasn't rocks! id board on packed snow compared to bloody rocks! Take the extra effort northerners and get out of bed a little early! Its a sacrifice we have to have make! RIDE ON!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 12 January 2014 · 19:46
    @DzaemanDzulkifli Thanks for sharing. You're so right!!
    May the powder be with you.


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