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By meteomorris on 5 February 2014 · 0

Phase 1 PowderAlert#15

It's deep in the southern Alps. Large parts of the Italian Alps have to deal with too much snow. I'm in Alagna at the moment and even though this little village is only on a altitude of 1100 meters, it's white everywhere. The road up to our wooden little cabin is surrounded by meters of snow and avalanches, snowfall and floods are dominating the Italian television. It's deep over here. That deep that it was hip deep in the trees and it looked a bit like Japan. The only difference was that the snow was pretty heavy below 1500 meters, but hey, that wasn't a dealbreaker. We did some nice double stagers and cliffs and the last chair at 16.30 was for us. In the meantime, it was getting colder and the snow was becoming dryer. Today is going to be a nice day here in Alagna and we'll drive to La Grave at the end of the day. Imagine that. Alagna and La Grave in one week. Life is good!

Alagna of Japan?
Alagna of Japan?

And La Grave and Alagna in one sentence is a pretty good summary where it will happen the next couple of days. The western and southern Alps will get a nice dump today. The snow line will be around 800-1000 meters, but there will be a Föhn storm again in the northern Alps. The sun will come out on Thursday from the west and it will start snowing again in the western and southern Alps on Friday. Apart from the southern Alps, the French Alps and Wallis (Switzerland) will also profit from these dumps. That's not the case on Wednesday, but the snowfall of Friday and Sunday will improve the conditions in the western Alps. The winter is on fire at the moment in the west and south. It isn't that much fun in the northern Alps right now…


I expect around 60-120 centimeters of freshies above 1400 meters in the French Alps till Sunday. You can also expect around 40-100 centimeters above 1400 meters in the southern Alps central. But keep in mind that the warm fronts, that come in before it starts snowing, will push the snow line up temporarily.

The winter is getting on fire!

Stay stoked



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