PowderAlert #16: Piemonte

By meteomorris on 9 February 2014 · 0

Sunday morning, 7.35. The flakes of phase three of PowderAlert #15 are coming down. This alert brought lots of freshies to the western and southern Alps. I was cruising through the Alps since Monday and I've seen deep powder! Even the northern Alps got some freshies. Not the amounts they have in the south right now, but every little dump is helpful in the north. Then again, you should have been to the southern Alps this winter. It's really impressing to drive or walk between the huge walls of snow.

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And it seems like everyone is riding powder this year. The trip reports are awesome and the images from the southern Alps show how deep it is. So tell us: did you ride some waist-deep powder this season?

Not yet? You'll only have to drive to the western Alps today to enjoy PowderAlert #15. The sun will come out today in the western Alps. But you'll notice at the end of the day that PowderAlert #16 is on its way. It will be a quicky for the Piemonte and the French southern Alps. Lot of freshies again for the Mediterranean till the Piz Bernina. The snowploughs are ready to clear the roads (as if they were finished with clearing the roads from last dumps).

PowderAlert #16
PowderAlert #16

You can expect 20-60 centimeters of freshies with a snow line deep into the valleys from Monday to Tuesday. And this will be a nice one. The weekend is over and it's not so crowded in the resorts. The temperature stays low and the sun will come out somewhere between Tuesday and Wednesday. Watch out in the western Alps. Everything will be tracked and it will be tempting to go into the higher alpine. But the Föhn wind (bringing PowderAlert #16 to the western Alps) will cause a lot of drift snow. You better ride between the trees, or even better…you'll head to the French southern Alps or the Piemonte. They can expect dry powder between the larch trees.

Powder advice

Long term

More snow coming in from the west on Thursday. You can expect 20-50 centimeters in the northwestern Alps. It looks like the wind is going to far south and that means it will get warmer. But that's still far ahead. First PowderAlert #16!

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