Mini PowderAlert #18

By meteomorris on 19 February 2014 · 0

Through [PowderQuest reports](
Through [PowderQuest reports](

It's a southern winter. A pretty indicator for this (or at least for the fact that it isn't a northern winter) is the temperature of the water in Northsea. This sea is not as deep as the Atlantic Ocean and doesn't have any warm currents, which makes it much more sensible for temperature drops in winter. The temperature in winter 11/12 was much colder and also was below average during the winter of 12/13. We're way above the average temperature this year. The dominant winds from the southwest kept the cold at a distance. The temperature of the water in the Northsea is around six degrees right now. That was three degrees at the beginning of April last year.

Temperature of seawater in the Northsea (Dutch coast)
Temperature of seawater in the Northsea (Dutch coast)

Fortunately, there is some snow falling in the northern Alps for a couple of weeks now and today is a day where it will be snowing. We're not talking about a heavy dump, but every flake counts for the northern Alps. You can expect around 20-40 centimeters of freshies east of the line Liechtenstein - Lugano. Pretty nice hey! This is significant snowfall for the resorts north of the main alpine ridge. The snow is pretty cold and the snow-water ratio of the precipitation is pretty ok.

A nice dump for Austria and the Dolomites

Thursday will be a powder day. The temperature will rise shortly, but it will be a great day with sunshine and freshies. Let us know how your day was through PowderQuest.

Powder advice on Thursday:

A new front will come in on Friday, bringing snow from the northwest to north, colder temperatures and hey, it starts to feel like winter. This will be the second weekend in a row that winter is returning to the northern Alps. You can expect a lot of snow in the northwest and north of the Alps. Sunday will be a sunny day again. This weekend will be a powder weekend. Not deep, but nice!

Powder advice for the weekend:

And after the weekend? The scenarios are battling it out. The American model brings us high pressure and nice weather. A weak southern current will bring mild temperatures and sun till Wednesday.

The other model might bring us PowderAlert #19. It shows a fast moving depression from the Atlantic that will bring snow to the southern Alps and warm winds from the south to the northern Alps. More details on that tomorrow. You'll also get an overview where the snow will fall.

We're receiving a lot of videos from riders that are skiing or snowboarding in the backcountry without any safety gear. Please do not go out without beacon, shovel and probe and the knowledge to use it. Freeriding is beautiful sport, but it also comes with risk. You and yourself only are responsible for the choices you make. Please ride safe and with knowledge out there!

Stay stoked



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