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By EmileHendrix on 3 October 2014 · 1

Emotions are the spice of life. Sweet samples often make us forget ones that were a bit to bitter before. They often pass unnoticed. Until we taste a strong one and start wondering for a moment. What do I feel? Can I have more of this, or less if so desired? After a while, these emotions seem to loose strength, and their taste diminishes.

In dark, cold and rapid flowing water, enlightend only by the orange lights of a motorway above, I suddenly remember the strongest one. On the wrong (read wet) side of a river's surface, just beyond a waterfall. Upside down in a kayak. Some 30 meters below the road to Narvik and 30 cm's below the rivers dark surface. In a brief moment of doubt and grandest personal challenge I happen to remember a bit of happiness. And the corners of my mouth move slightly upwards. Moving my hips violently once again, I suddenly remember a powdergiggle.

For the first time I find myself able to upright a kayak with a so-called 'eskimorulla'. The emotion I feel upon surfacing is older and I scream in extasy. It equals the deepest emotion I know or can remember. This is a powdergiggle pur-sang. Some other emotions get close, or even mirror the amount of feelings in this brief moment of happiness. Especially the bitter and unpleasant ones from days now gone, as they as well bring an explosive combination of moving mouth motions and adrenalin-induced feelings.

I've got to shout. And shout it all out. Quite unlike myself to be honest. Whether your face has disappeared in deep powder snow, or a denser form of water, good friends hurry over to help you out. And they recognize the emotion you feel and share. They do so on a level of understanding that goes far beyond 'shared-coffee-emotions'. Probably because they've experienced the same, deep and pleasant, feelings before. They understand that the different dimensions you experience has pulled you through aren't 'coffee-vending-machine-material'. And their smiles share quality. Perhaps they even answer your shout, as it is unmistakably a cry for more of the same and shared emotion.

The title 'powdergiggle' does not suffice as a description of its value. It barely scratches the surface. As a tree named after its bark. As a birch tree for example. It takes a lot of time and hard work before such a name draws the value it deserves. Have you ever googled or wiki'd 'birkebeiner'? Now once again try to imagine the nigh-incredible momentum that a simple powdergiggle may hold in someones reference system. A mathematician might say that a combination of words that completely describes the qualities of a powdergiggle, lies hidden, somewhere in the endles fraction of π, but we needn't go looking for it, to feel it's qualities.

To me, the memory of a powdergiggle is a far stronger motivator in life than other symbols and shards of success to exceed above or work towards. Perhaps because it touches more dimensions of my memories, or because it stands in equilibrium with the many bitter tastes of life and even winter sports. To me, it renders money and test results dimensionless, as a so-called 'Froude-number' of happiness. White powder and it's giggles can be dangerous and as addictive as anything under the sky. But I look forward to sharing a real giggle in a field of snow. Where-ever, whenever and with whomever possible. I look forward to sharing the spice of life, and hope that you will join me in doing so.

(Now why does that German epoxy take so long to arrive?!)


  • TuurK
    TuurK op 3 October 2014 · 11:57
    Emilioooo! Ik heb speciaal een account aangemaakt om op dit briljante stuk te reageren! Het gevoel dat je beschrijft is spot-on!

    Teneerste, hallo allemaal! Ik ben een goede vriend van Emile en (nog) geen echte poeder boarder maar wel een echte wildwater kajakker. We delen allebei de passie voor poeder en tegenwoordig dus ook wildwaterkajakken!

    Dit stuk laat verschrikkelijk mooi zien dat het gevoel wat je krijgt van beide sporten dicht bij elkaar ligt; Emile vindt dat wildwaterkajakken de enige sport die in de buurt komt van poeder skien en ik andersom. Dus mocht je in de zomer aan het dromen zijn over poeder dan raad ik je aan om een keer in een kajak te stappen en het wilde water op te gaan!

    Gr Tuur


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