Review: Black Diamond Convergent Down Hoody

By dr.Gear on 8 December 2014 · 0

Black Diamond Convergent Down Hoody

Good clothing helps you getting through the day better. It protects you from the elements, keeps you warm and dry and ensures that you can move well. To date, Dr. Gear wore mainly shells. That was because the word 'cold' didn't exist in Dr. Gear his dictionary. Anyway, Dr. Gear has to admit that with getting older, you're getting colder. With great interest Dr. Gear was informed by about the Black Diamond Convergent Down Hoody.

The crossing

The Convergent Down Hoody is a crossing between a hard shell, soft shell and down jacket. The jacket feels like a soft shell, but has properties of a hard shell and is then also filled with down. Confusing? Could be, because this is a fairly new product category. In short it comes down to the following: the jacket breathes well, protects against wind and precipitation (thanks to the Windstopper and taped seams) and keeps you warm because the inside is lined with down (and then with 70% goose down 30% Primaloft). According to Black Diamond that combination takes longer to get wet and when it's wet it preserves 95% of its heat.

The test

Dr. Gear wore the jacket at the start of the season on a not too cold day, the temperature was generally just below freezing level. Perhaps not the most ideal test situation, but hey, don't blame the weather. And Dr. Gear is pretty positive about this jacket. The fit is nice. The jacket is a little longer, as are the sleeves and it fits all perfectly. The hood is big enough to fit the helmet (even over the bulbous head of Dr. Gear) and it is nice and warm. This is not a coat that you are going to wear when the temperatures are already rising at the end of the season. But in mid-winter, if it gets really cold ... yes, then this is definitely an option.


The Convergent Down Hoody is less pompous than a 'pure' down jacket, so you move much better in this jacket. Useful are the many pockets, so you still have plenty of possibliities to store something when you hike up with all your gear.

And so...

To finish with a conclusion for the Convergent Down Hoody: This is a very interesting jacket for riders who find a shell too cold and are limited in their movements by a down jacket. The only thing Dr. Gear would wear underneath this jacket is good underwear. He's sure that you can ride comfortable in nine out of ten days.

The back of the Black Diamond Convergent Down Hoody


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