Introducing: Seb Jam

By meteomorris on 10 December 2014 · 4

In preparation for the Freeride Film Festival in Amsterdam I had a drink in Amsterdam with Seb Jam. A strong rider from France who, as a Sudist (someone who lives in the south of France) went to the Alps to get started as a 'saisonnier' in Val Thorens. It was great and he had some beautiful moments, but more challenging terrain was desired. He grabbed a map and found its new destination: Verbier.

Because Seb has ambitions. He wants to be a very good freerider. Like Xavier de Le Rue he comes from the far south of France. And he also really wants it, which always helps to achieve a goal. Seb is a snowboarder and filmmaker.

In 1999 he stood on a snowboard for the first time. In 2005 he moved to Val Thorens and is spending two winters in the Freeride World Tour circuit now. His first season was a success, his second season not that good. Because if your motto is 'Go big or go home' and you fall too often when you big, you'll be send home without points. Still, he's going to try it again this year. A little more strategic, something less big. We will see (and follow him).

Meanwhile, he will provide us next winter as a filmmaker with regular updates of PowderAlerts. As often as possible, he'll chase some storms to make us jealous.

(C)Sébastien Baritussio
(C)Sébastien Baritussio


  • EmileHendrix
    EmileHendrix op 11 December 2014 · 00:27
    pfff, quite the collection of lines!
    A small and unimportant question out of interest: why file the plexiglass-scraper?
    Een kleine fantasie kan groter zijn dan de wereld.
  • Berber
    Berber op 11 December 2014 · 10:55
    Great personality and rider!! Looking forward to your footage this season @Seb Jam! Hope to see u somewhere too! @EmileHendrix : You can sharpen your plexiglass-scraper if you file it!
  • Niels
    Niels op 12 December 2014 · 08:09
    Nice! Looking forward to it!
  • SebJam
    SebJam op 16 December 2014 · 17:58
    Thanks guys. Hope to see you in the mountain. @EmileHendrix : As I shoot the scene in a shop, normally you scrap many board a day, and it is useful to sharpen the scraper...
    Enjoy the ride !


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